Model the majestic figure of Haruna of 1944 in October as a "Shoichi No. strategy triggered" Union fleet last decisive battle.

3 Tsuki new products of NEXT series

Following King Jiang · Hiei is Haruna of the 3rd ship of Geumgang type .

We will commercialize it with a new mold .

Product Name: 1/700 Ship NEXT Series No.15 Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19th Strategy Kenichi Operation

Product is a snap-fit ​​type that does not use adhesive.

The motif challenged the last organized squadron for the battleship Haruna

It is the figure at the time of Operation Kuichi.

(The picture is assembled and painted.)

I packaged a powerful painting by Mr. Mikiya Yoshihara.

Harakana was a dark gray Sasebo factory color compared to Yamato and Musashi.

Dedicated plastic parts with its color.

Linoleum and wooden deck are pre-colored and colorful rich parts

A figure of about 32 centimeters in length!

The two No. 13 electricity probes located on the left and right of the rear mast are represented by precise shaping.

One aircraft is equipped with one each of the zero type (three seat) water policeman and one type zero water observation aircraft.

The main gun 36 centimeters can swivel and descend.

You can also select situations such as full angle gals at large elevation and alternate strikes after completion.

Main skill canopy ~ The shape of front shield is reproduced differentiated by special parts with a different curved configuration from the former type (Kanego · Hiei).

The bridge window is a specification that incorporates clear molded parts pursuing realism.

Complex bridge structure expanded by refurbishment / expansion is designed to assemble in a stacked type.

The curve under the waterline from the ship's neck to the ship's bottom,

It has different shapes for each of the four golden ship types,

In this product, we prepare ship bottom parts dedicated to Haruna.

Since the ship bottom and hull are made as different parts design, they can be finished as offshore models.

As the first time limited, a plate engraved with wood deck pattern and strip pattern is included!

Please do make it, please decorate and enjoyChu



And …

It is an etching part or a wood deck seal

We have completely penetrated

I am informed about 1/700 upgraded parts series.


The current form and specification sales will be limited to stock.

Future plans are to produce spot products.

We will change packing style · combination of contents and will guide and supply sequentially as new products.


Thank you very much.Nico Nico


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