new product! Assemble Super Cub

I thought that the one festival is over and it will settle down for a whileTo give away

I am being devoted to new product development of anger Wa in March. . .

Today is the continuation of the assembly of "Super Cub" released next monthupnote

Last time I advanced to the point where the parts of the leg cover are installed

This part of the leg cover.

 Actually, I do exactly the same "die cutting structure" as the real cover leg cover!  !

 Of course the same integral molding as the real one, one piece is finished.

Seat with opening and closing gimmick with 3 pieces

I will install the rear carriage. Because 110cc is a motif it is possible to ride two people

And on the loading platform …

The rear seat cushion which is optional in actual equipmentup

It is standard enclosed in the product and can be removed. 

Please do use it for 1/12 figures and 2 seater 

Install the parts more and more around the lower part of the engine

The muffler is a three piece piece and the cover and the main body are separate parts.

Masking is not necessary when paintingA lol

 Since installation of accessories changes the shape of the boss, it prevents mistakes in the attachment direction.

Next is the assembly of the handle!


It will set aside in about 1 hour


Convenient for loading!  !

The hook on the left side of the leg cover is glued and included as a bonus part

Although the actual machine has a groove (gap) between the front and rear covers,

 It seems to compensate for the tolerance within tolerance here by putting together from the front and back.

 Of course, even 1/12 scale is reproduced without going through

Two-seater necessities. Step in the back seat.

The model is reproduced in the folded storage condition. 

As part of our ingenious processing, we made it a separate part so that it can be remodeled into a deployed state and give it a width.

Sticking points are crowdedStar

It is scheduled to ship on 22nd March.

looking forward to

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