Introduce new products released in May!


Mei is a big head because of hay fever

but! with vigor! It was announced today

We will introduce our new products in MaycameraGlitter

It was also exhibited in one festival!

Hustler G is released in May.

Steel Wheel / Visor / Monocular Camera

Normal style ~ G grade!


StarAdd a new mold, such as wheel which is the feature of G grade!


StarAs expected in the outdoor which began selling in 2014

A colorful mini car that was born as a versatile crossover.


StarA kit of the type which assembles without using an adhesive in a snap-fit ​​type assembly design.


StarNot just to complete the inset but also to keep the enjoyment making

Easy sticking of stickers, etc. There is content that has been made.



StarThe product reproduces the standard figure with the motif of a two wheel drive G grade.


StarThe color of the body "Red" adopts a new molded color set exclusively,

A glossy texture is expressed without painting.


StarCompleted size Total length 144 mm Overall width 74 mm Overall height 75 mm 

(The overall width includes side mirrors and the total height includes the antenna) 


StarSheet piping with white setting, special seal for reproducing instrument panel attached.




GlitterA new set will be released quickly to 1/3000 escort ships released the other day! !Lun LunGlitter



GlitterFJ Cruiser's new color will also be released in limited quantity!Glitter

This is the limited quantity production so if you want to be surely get

Please do! Please reserveheart