Shizuoka AFV meeting on Saturday and Sunday

In the presence of various exhibits ,,,

This time we will introduce the exhibition booth.


First of all, Tamiya model

Exhibit Akiries of new products ,,,,,,


Garpan seems to be strong ,,,


Asuka's ,, ,

He explained it.



Mr. Walta – Sons ,,,

Do you advance to 1/72 ?,,


Familiar ,, Laupen Yamada.


Is it popular ?,,,


If it's a tool here ,,

Shimomura and Giken ,,,


Mr. Qingdao

Kit gift ,,

This is good! !

This is also good! 

Thats nice! !


However, is not it?

I thought that something was unsatisfactory.

Taiwan's model event is rather novelty or something ,,



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