Today dispatch new product ~ Maaya / Soryu special specification ~

I will introduce the new products shipped todayA lol


1/700 Special 68EX-3 Japan Navy Heavy Cruiser Maaya Special Specification (With Etching Parts)

Reproduce the figure at the time of the battle off Leyte with precision parts that can detail up!

Etching parts that are only available with this kit are includedWhistle



1/700 Special 16EX-2 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Soryu (1951/13) Special specification

Etched parts + wood deck seal included

Nankan Tactical Force, upgrade the medium-size aircraft carrier "Soryu" that played a part

Etched parts · wood deck seal included!Surprised


Please do try it by all meansPlease

Shipped today! New product announcement

I will introduce 2 new products shipped today ♪



1/24 Real Sports Car Series No. 95 EX – 1

McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail 1997 FIA GT Championship # 1 DX

Etched parts not sold separately are included!

In addition to the etching parts originally attached to the kit,

Etching parts dedicated to long tails not separately sold are included.
Standard accessory etching parts include brake discs, canards,

Seat belts, pedals and so on are included.
Etching parts dedicated to long tail include wing end plate, antenna,

Muffler, wiper etc. are recorded.


Mask seal convenient for painting the glass part is attached.


1/700 Special Series No.56 EX – 1 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Flying Dragon Special Specification

(With wave base)

Polycarbonate flight dedicated wave base is attached!

In the ship's body, details of port side porthole, fair leader, hose pipe, dust waste etc. are reproduced. 
The porthole is sculptured with rain gutters.
Wave base is painted.

After completing the Flying Dragon, you can complete the Flying Dragon while flying at sea if you take it on the wave base.
The wave base is molded in clear blue, and the white wave part is colored in white.