May New product 1/200 Battleship Yamato bridge special specification (with genuine etching parts)

The turn came round to the last blog in February.

It became a little cold again when I thought that Kawazu cherry blossoms were springing in full bloom.

Please take good care of your physical condition.



May new product

Equipment – 2 EX – 1

1/200 Battleship Yamato Bridge Bridge Special Specification

(With genuine etched parts)

It is an introduction.


First of all

It is contents of genuine etched parts.

(* Please understand that it may differ slightly from mass-produced items for information at the present time in February.)


It can not be reproduced by injection alone

We reproduced the outfit of delicate ship with etched parts.

Railings, rutals, sternads, watertight doors, wire mesh representation of air intakes,

No.21 electrical finding, details around machine gun (aiming, shield),

2 kilometer signal light struts, reels and so on in 2 photos.

The package has the atmosphere of the blue picture image

It is a precise CG illustration by Mr. Masaki Matsuno.


From the port side front


From starboard side forward


From the rear side of starboard side


From the rear side of port side


Release of precision etching which can be obtained only with special specifications is late May!

Please wait for a while.

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