1/24 VeilSide Combat model  BNR32 Skyline GT-R '90 (Nissan) +Nissan DR 30 Skyline RS Aero Custom '83

I could not catch up with February to escape and entered in March. 
That is why we have already shipped, but let us introduce from the introduction of the new product in February ~Glitter
The ☆ Tuned car Nanba60 
1/24 VeilSide Combat model 
BNR32 Skyline GT-R '90 (Nissan) you will find a ~

Sale in February 2019


First of all, package ~


Decal ~


The mask seal ~ is the same as the model car ~

Prototype finished product ~


Tail ~


It is like this. 
I think that Sankei of Mr. Yokozaki is as good as it may be. 
New things with signboarded goods are hard to do, but when incorporating the ☆ Tunk Car series this time we integrated the kit that had previously separated Barjone and set it back so that we can combine it with either one. Rear wing, door mirrors, bonnets, etc. are selectable. I also added RB 26 DETT and lowdown parts. 
I made an effort to the extent that I can do with such feeling, so please do go to the nearest plastic model shop by all means this weekendAwesome



So this week so far …





Because it is a bit short as it ends with …









The trial product of the new product is on sale in March because it is in the midst of now, but it is still before the final finish but I will show you the chocolate.
"Why is it blue? !" Although many people got Tsukkomi from everyone, it is not fun to put this in red / navy two tone as usual, and that two-tone will only be used for the Jozani direction in the first place. If you think that it is going to be a gunmetal two-tone if you

want to do it yesterday's ○○ trial If you thinkto use it onthe iron maskofthe ☆ model car,I do not want to get rid of it … so that it is a kit of remodeled cars so I used to make a blue two- It was.

Scheduled to be released in March 2019

I will not What?  What?
disappear the memories of the transcendent elephant blue DR that I saw at Nakajima parking on the Hanshin express highway coastline so long ago, so this prototype looks like a good feeling, though …ASEASE

For now, I am wondering if I can show you the finished shape next week while the assembly diagram and package are in progress Thunder.

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