February 28 shipping new product ~ Hayataka / Mogami special specification ~

Today we will introduce 2 new products shipped on February 28!  !


① 1/700 FH 40 EX – 1 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Hayataka Showa 19 Huruharu model special specification (with etching parts)

Affordable set with specialized etching parts of Hayataka carrier aircraft!

Fighting the Pacific War as a fighting force equivalent to a regular aircraft carrier while aircraft carrier remodeling a commercial ship,
Furuharushirizu which can be reproduced to the bottom of the ship at the time of "No. A mission" which was the last sortie in line with the college ship Futaka100 points
Right insertionEtching contains handrails, ladders, rattles, chimney surroundings, stern docks, masts, loop antennas, electrical noise searching, electrical no. 1, No. 3 electric search!
② 1/700 Special 73EX-1 Japan Navy Air Cruiser Mihami Showa 19th Special Specification (With Etching Parts)
With optimum etching parts for precise manufacturing!
Characteristic figure of the aircraft cruiser from 1943 to 1944 which made the rear part of the ship a flight deck is a motif! 
Right insertionBy the precise expression of the details of the "special series" details, it reproduces the detailed and complicated making100 points
Right insertionEtched parts expressing detailed details that are difficult to reproduce are included in the plastic parts. 
Handrail, rattal, crane, bridge window frame, search lamp base, boat david, No. 21 electric search and so on are recorded!
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