First Press Limited! Two piece machine gun parts included! Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Hayataka (Showa 19)

It is said that friends went to see cherry blossoms as soon as possible, Spring is already close ~

(It seems to be a cherry tree blooming early, but I forgot the name … Dinosaurs)


Well this is an introduction of the new product in MarchGlitterGlitter


1/700 Special Series № 15 

Scheduled for sending on March 22, 2019 3,400 yen

Japan Navy aircraft carrier Hayabusataka (1944) isNico Nico

Hayate Taka at the Battle of the Mariana Offshore Battle appeared in a special series! Colorful finished machine gun parts are included for the first time only!

The aircraft carries a zero-fight 52-inch type addition, a zero-fight 21-type 250-kg bomb, the comet carries a bomb on both wings. Tianyama comes with two parts of 250 kg bombs in separate parts.

The product is based on the figure at the time of the battle of Mariana.

Here is the finished product imageSurprised Mark

In addition, color-finished 25 mm 2 piece machine gun (for single piece, triple series), bulletproof board, ammunition box is included for the first time production limitedGlitter


You can make machine gun by combining Parts of Party A and Party BSurprised Mark

It is completed by attaching the bulletproof board and ammunition box which is the part of CIE Surprised MarkSurprised Mark(please install ammunition box at the position of your choice)

Please be sure to take this opportunity as the machine gun parts are limited for the first time!


1/700 Special Series № 15

Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Hayataka (Showa 19) 

2019 March 22 shipping schedule!

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