1/24 BMW M3 E30 Sports Evolution '92 Germany Specification- Release month Scheduled to be released in April 2019

2 in 1 kit which can be made by selecting two kinds of BWM M3 who participated in the 1992 DTM

  • New rear mold spoiler for reproducing the 1992 DTM (German Touring Car Championship) vehicle added a new mold
  • FINA color and Jaeger meister color can be selected for production (decal is silk printing)
  • Reproduction of bucket seat, roll cage and floor shape unique to racing cars
  • Tapered special tire corresponding to camber angle included

※ The photo is a prototype, it differs from the actual product 

Detail up parts are also released simultaneously with the main body. 
1/24 BMW M3 E30 Sports Evolution '92 Detail up parts for German specification

We will further improve the perfection degree by detail-designed parts of exclusive design.

  • Wipers and catch pins can be reproduced more sharply
  • Reproduction of seat belts with etching and cloth belt
  • Penetrated state can be reproduced by replacing the mesh part with etching
  • Sharpness and texture with metallic antenna UP

(Commodity Content) 
· Etched Parts 
· Seat Belt 
· Antenna & Connector Valve 
· Decal

Planning Cooperation Monthly Armor Modeling 2nd bullet ☆ Light armored mobile vehicle!

Today is about to ship,

Light armored mobile (middle-ranked car, machine gun loaded vehicle)

Details will be introduced.

The package is handled by Mr. Kenji Kurokawa

Cherry blossom trees are impressive and gorgeous even in the same series

We are finished in a package

The product comes in 2 bottles!

Company commander cars and machine guns mounted on vehicles and

We prepared parts that can have two specifications.




Wireless antenna parts

It can be mounted using the hidden hole in the body!

With antenna · Only with antenna base

You can choose freely.







The instructions are painted separately

Convenient comment entered!

Photos and columns are abundant and fulfilling content

To the decal

Marking of carry cans is included as an extra.

The unit notation and vehicle number depend on the combination

A lot of streets are reproducible.


Of course, combined marks are also included

If you want to make it easily, you can use here.





Shipment is March 18th.

It seems to be around the store on March 20 ('▽ `) ノGlitter



So again next time!

All Heavy 8-wheels Beast are BACK!!!!!

now for sell (small remastered serie, complete new forms) Tatra AV-15 Heavy Recovery truck, complete multimedia kit 1/35 scale (resin, photo-etch, decals, windows folie, CD-Rom) RM-70 Armored Rocket Launcher on Tatra T-813 chassis, complete multimedia kit 1/35 scale (resin, photo-etch, decals, windows folie, CD-Rom) RM-70/85 Rocket Launcher on Tatra T-815 chassis, complete multimedia kit 1/35 scale (resin, photo-etch, decals, windows folie, CD-Rom)

Tamiya New Item Release list for April 2019-Scale Models

60790  1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6

★The classic late-WWII Bf109 G-6 now gets the Tamiya treatment in detailed yet compact 1/72 scale. ★Its form is recreated with aplomb, features such as the distinctive "Beule" captured in style. ★Canopy can be assembled open or closed, and the cockpit within features excellent detail. ★Includes 2 marking options.

25420  1/72 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony) Silver Color Plated (w/Camo Decals)

This plastic model assembly kit recreates the Hien fighter, with fuselage and main wing parts given a silver color plated finish. ★Decals for recreating the mottled camouflage employed by some 244th Air Group aircraft are included. ★Comes with 3 marking options in total.

16002  1/6 Dax Honda Export 70

A Unique Little 2-Wheeler
Named for the resemblance of its main frame to Dachshund dogs, this motorcycle was unleashed on the world in the summer of 1969. It fused form and function, with the "T-bone" frame completely enclosing the gas tank within. A removable front section meant that this little bike could be stowed in your car truck and transported to your destination, where it could be re-assembled and ridden around for fun. It inherited an extremely reliable 4-cycle OHC single-cylinder engine from the legendary Honda Super Cub, and employed a 3-speed transmission, its budget price and peerless reliability making the bike a great model for those just starting out on 2 wheels.

★This is a 1/6 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 250mm. ★An accurate rendering of the bike captures the distinctive "T-bone" frame plus internal battery and gas tank. ★Main stand and step are both moving components. The main stand is sprung, as is the brake pedal. ★Depictions of tires feature realistic tread pattern. ★Front and rear coil-sprung suspensions offer realistic motion. ★Removable front fork and folding handlebar mirror those on the real bike. ★Double seat has a realistic depiction of the leather feel, and can be opened and closed via lever. ★OHC engine features recreations of cooling fins. ★Wheels are matte metal-plated components. ★Front and rear fenders, muffler and handlebar are given a metal-plated finish. ★Includes vinyl tubing to recreate various lines and cables. ★Comes with Cartograf decals.