1/24 BMW M3 E30 Sports Evolution '92 Germany Specification- Release month Scheduled to be released in April 2019

2 in 1 kit which can be made by selecting two kinds of BWM M3 who participated in the 1992 DTM

  • New rear mold spoiler for reproducing the 1992 DTM (German Touring Car Championship) vehicle added a new mold
  • FINA color and Jaeger meister color can be selected for production (decal is silk printing)
  • Reproduction of bucket seat, roll cage and floor shape unique to racing cars
  • Tapered special tire corresponding to camber angle included

※ The photo is a prototype, it differs from the actual product 

Detail up parts are also released simultaneously with the main body. 
1/24 BMW M3 E30 Sports Evolution '92 Detail up parts for German specification

We will further improve the perfection degree by detail-designed parts of exclusive design.

  • Wipers and catch pins can be reproduced more sharply
  • Reproduction of seat belts with etching and cloth belt
  • Penetrated state can be reproduced by replacing the mesh part with etching
  • Sharpness and texture with metallic antenna UP

(Commodity Content) 
· Etched Parts 
· Seat Belt 
· Antenna & Connector Valve 
· Decal

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