Planning Cooperation Monthly Armor Modeling 2nd bullet ☆ Light armored mobile vehicle!

Today is about to ship,

Light armored mobile (middle-ranked car, machine gun loaded vehicle)

Details will be introduced.

The package is handled by Mr. Kenji Kurokawa

Cherry blossom trees are impressive and gorgeous even in the same series

We are finished in a package

The product comes in 2 bottles!

Company commander cars and machine guns mounted on vehicles and

We prepared parts that can have two specifications.




Wireless antenna parts

It can be mounted using the hidden hole in the body!

With antenna · Only with antenna base

You can choose freely.







The instructions are painted separately

Convenient comment entered!

Photos and columns are abundant and fulfilling content

To the decal

Marking of carry cans is included as an extra.

The unit notation and vehicle number depend on the combination

A lot of streets are reproducible.


Of course, combined marks are also included

If you want to make it easily, you can use here.





Shipment is March 18th.

It seems to be around the store on March 20 ('▽ `) ノGlitter



So again next time!

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