Nano · Aviation Series Precision Plastic Details for Aircraft UP Part Seat Belt for the Japan Sea Army 1/72-1/48-1/32

Product number NA 2 1/72 scale Seat belt for the Japan Sea military machine Suggested retail price (without tax) 1,200 yen


Product number NC 2 1/48 scale Seat belt for the Japan Sea military equipment Suggested retail price (without tax) 1,300 yen


Product number NH 2 1/32 scale Seat belt for the Japan Sea military machine Suggested retail price (without tax) 1,400 yen



Description:  World War II in the Sea of Japan military aircraft seat belt 4 seat fraction containing
corresponding machine: pre-war aircraft – War in the late naval machine in general (some use the waist belt only)
Zero Fighter will follow up to 5 dimorphism instep (two Including formula water warfare), ninth ship bomb, ninety seven ship (excluding the back seat), ninth six warfare, comet (only for the backseat) etc.
Bent, bent, made by a plastic made of precision machining and precision
While being made of plastic, you can freely fold and twist with your fingers or tweezers, it is hard to break easily with a sharp pocket. 
Therefore, you can easily adapt to the seat of the aircraft. 
Of course, glue / paint for plastic model can be used, paint striking is also good if it is plastic. 
There is no worry that the paint at the part pinched with tweezers peels off like metal parts.

Example of use

Pictures are painted (using 1/48 scale parts)

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