1/144 Tornad GR.1 / IDS (2 sets)

  • Model: FC-12
  • Manufacturer: PLATZ / Platts


Product features


Scheduled to launch in March

Plastic model kit

CODE: 4545782057621 To the 

popular flying color selection, the first series of variable wing aircraft enter the ranks. 
It is the appearance of a masterpiece multi-roll machine tonead that was born in joint development of three Italian countries, Italy and three countries. 
Kit reproduces the unique style of attacker type IDS in realism. 
The marking includes three types of desert painted British Air Force aircraft, German Navy aircraft supposing offshore battle, and Camouflage Italian Air Force aircraft reminiscent of the European forest. 
It is a set of 2 machines that can also enjoy the power to play the core of attack power in each country.

About actual machine

Tonado is a versatile attack aircraft born in the joint development of the three countries of England, West Germany, Italy. 
Attacker-type IDS with low-sky precision attack as its main task and air defense fighter type ADV derived based on the airframe were developed and deployed in various countries from the 1980s. 
Variable wings are adopted to ensure high loading capacity and short distance takeoff performance while enabling low-speed high-speed flight, and equipped with a reverse injection device for short distance landing. 
Currently also active as an important force in each country of the UK, Germany and Italy.

What is Flying Color Selection

“Flying Color Selection” is a series of aircraft plastic model with coloring and marking as the center of enjoyment. 
Set up a part of FUTOSYE which is compatible with delicate details and a high strength assembly and a decal of silk screen printing finished colorfully under the precise supervision of Rochette · Decal. 
We support assembly with instruction manual with emphasis on painting process. 
The scale is an affordable size and is perfect for collections, 1/144. 
We carefully select colorful paintings and unexpected schemes from old age machine to a masterpiece of recent years and convey the charm of various “airplane colors”.

Major features

  • 1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly Kit
  • Use of FEFTZE parts – 2 sets
  • Decal is high-quality silk screen printing made by Italian-made cult graph with less color transparency and better coloring
  • The marking includes three kinds of desert painted British Air Force aircraft, German navy machine assuming offshore battle, camouflage Italian Air Force aircraft reminiscent of European forest

Package size: 190 × 140 × 40 mm 
Finished size: Total length of about 116 mm