Super Cub 110 Under development!


Development of our 1/12 Super Cub 110 is progressing smoothly


Packages and other things completed!

I would like to see it on the package side! ?

We carefully posted the point of attentionsunglasses


Tasmia Near Green Metallic


Virgin beige


The seal has also been completedup

It is good to put it on!

The logo and meter etc. are reproduced with a good follow-up sealnote


Parts list.

As it is a color part, you can reproduce colors without painting! !

cute. .

There are two types of movable stands.

Both will support you well!

The other side looks like thisExclamation mark

Mechanic ~! ! ! CoolChew

Bonus parts are adhesive.

Tandem seat. It is a cushion for people behind the second seat.

Hook to put luggage

Both green and beige are cute heart. . .

What color do you like?


Super Cub 110 will be shipped on March 22.

Please wait a moment!  !


Recently I saw it all because the CM song of Honda is cool.

Sense too good.