Today's Shipment New Product-Musashi (Before Renovation) Genuine Wood Deck Seal & 10 Type Tank Genuine Etching Parts-

Today, we will introduce two new products shipped on March 13!  !




1/700 GUP138 Ship NEXT Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi (before remodeling) Genuine wood deck seal

It is a detail up part that can easily reproduce a deck with wood grain expression just by pasting it to the upper deck parts.!


Right handThin wood panel seal that has been cut to fit the mold of the kit

It is an excellent thing to stick immediately if you remove the protective coverGood


Right handExpressing the woodgrain pattern with special processing by the upgrade parts that get closer to the real ship!


Right handPainting is realistically reproduces the pattern of wood deck with very detailed lines that take a lot of time and effort.Star




21/72 ML202 Ground Self Defense Force 10 type tank genuine etching parts

1/72 scale Ground Self-Defense Force 10 type tank Genuine etching parts corresponding to mass production type !  !
Real reproduction of mesh part such as grill or basket is unique etching partOK


Right handThe delicate parts that can not be expressed in the injection parts are reproduced by the etching parts Good.Glitter


Right handUse from the place that stands out to the details is your choiceLOL

Content-rich etching parts set with a wide range of options100 points



By all means !  !please enjoy the detail upLOLGlitter




That's all it was overThank you PegasusMaiden's Tokimeki

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