Hello everybody, this time we are making copies of our new resin sets. We hope these new sets will be available in our shop in two weeks.

AC 48016 A-4F/H Ayit- upgrade – a conversion set for post-1973 aircraft upgraded to A-4N standard (bigger jet intakes, new dorsal hump, Defa guns, bomb camera, exhaust pipe etc.)

AC 48017 TA-4J – exhaust pipe – longer exhaust for IAF

AC 48018 A-4N Ayit upgrade / conversion set for A-4M or A-4N limit. edition Hasegawa – modernization after year 1973 ( Defa guns, bomb camera, exhaust pipe)

AC 48020 CH-46 Seaknight – engine intake and exhaust wit FOD cover – easy assembly, great look ! ….

In the reprint is back decal set for Israeli AH-64 Apaches in 1/48 scale – ACD 48008

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