Mammoth of Higashi Yodogawa

Last month we only introduced the product,
"1/50 JNR DC Electric Locomotive EH10" is a follow up!

Now that the molded products are finished safely, we will introduce the finished products immediately!
The product version also comes with an etching wiper and metal seal.

How is it?
It is a massive, powerful two-body linked locomotive with the H-shaped.
The total length is much larger than that of the larger EF66

The newly redesigned body face is quite "likely"!
In addition to the various materials collected, we also carried out reconnaissance of the Awaji 61st.
(H rubber is black … I'm sorry) This is a design change of the face that is the biggest highlight of the product, how much changed from the previous product? ? ? I ordered it by saying! In this way, the conventional ones have a somewhat cute look … (laughs) However, this kit and Gickli again faced this time, I was surprised at the goodness of its character that I do not think that the kit 40 years ago .

By the way, all EH10 until now are all black molded color and composition of plated parts.
But nice is as appearance when I opened the box,
the other a high degree of difficulty of peeling off fine plating of the pantograph, etc.,
because there is a problem that various places of burrs or the like is hard to see and hard work,
this time all the molding color transparent I plan to abolish the plating after making it gray.

Gray was the most popular molding color even in the questionnaire a little while ago, so
there seems to be many gray supporters in the modeler, how is it actually? It was a bit spooky, but how was it? EH10 will be shipped in April Aoshima! Well, let's meet next time when the hobby show product information comes out!

Mammoth locomotive "EH10" re-appears as a leading figure in railway container transportation!

The distinctive two-window style of EH10 has been reproduced. The headlights also have appropriate dimensions, and the parts that express the lens cut are included (processing required), and the details of the details are also expressed by the new etching and metal seal.

Renovate the front shape that has been requested by mold repair!

  • Total length about 450mm (at the time of 2 body connection), total height about 115mm (including pantograph)
  • Etching, metal seal, masking sheet included
  • Change the shape around the front window, the wiper is reproduced by etching
  • Create new headlight parts
  • Two types of tail lights are available

※ This kit is a part of the Showa 40's mold that has been remodeled.
※ Processing work is necessary for a part of assembly process.

[Aoshima Online Shop Limited] With pantograph bonus parts!
JNR DC Electric Locomotive EH10 1/50 Electric Locomotive No.3 + 2 pantographs
are here!

Release monthExpected to be released in April 2019

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