The Ninja Upgrade

The MENG MT-001 Kawasaki Ninja H2R kit features a movable front fork design. Now MENG has an upgrade kit, the MTS-069 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Movable Metal Front Fork set. This kit contains 4 machined metal parts and a brand-new tooling plastic parts sprue. The upgrade kit has kept the movable design of the real part and it helps make the whole structure firmer and more durable. Thanks to the real metal color and appearance, the motorcycle will look more realistic. This upgrade kit can be used with MENG MT-001 Kawasaki Ninja H2R and MT-001s Kawasaki Ninja H2R (Pre-colored Edition) kits.

New product information! 1/700 Special Series No. 24 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Ryusuke Showa 20!

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By the way, today is scheduled to be shipped April 16, 2019

1/700 special series No 24

It is an introduction of the Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Ryukyu 1955 .


We are currently working hard on data such as package and instruction, but

Today I would like to introduce some of themLOL


First of all, the molded parts of the main part, which become the camouflage color, were changed to light green in consideration of the coating color of coat No. 22 color .

There is a dedicated part to reproduce the figure of 1955, and we will further enclose a reference drawing of camouflage paint !

Here is the picture of the finished product.

In addition, as a first time limited bonus, a two-piece 96-type 25 mm machine gun is attachedGlitter

The gun metal of the barrel and the gray of the base are painted separately for easy reproduction.

1/700 special series No 24

Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Ryukyu 1955

It will be shipped April 16, 2019 .


We are working hard to deliver them to youExclamation mark

I think we can introduce it again when the shipping date is approachingLOL

April New Product Information-Chibimaru Fleet Yamato

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By the way, today is April new product

Chibimaru Fleet Yamato

I would like to introduce you.


I tried to renew the package this time!

The layout has been changed significantly, and the powerful illustrations of Mr. Kenji Kurokawa have been placed on the entire surface of the package.Glitter


Although there is a sharp production

We have raised the quality of Snapfit to reflect customer feedback.

For those who have already made it, and those who have not made it yet

It has become a product you want to make by all means!



And put it on your hand

The appearance is deformed but

The last time of the battleship Yamato is only a motif

Many anti-aircraft guns are deployed.

But it is cutenote


Such Chibi Maru series has various developments such as a battleship, an aircraft carrier, and a cruiser.

Make, collect, look and enjoy

New in the 1/144 RetroWings range, the C-141 Cockpit Detail Set (for the Roden kits) and the Jaguar Two-seater Conversion Kit (for the LS or subsequent re-releases)