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By the way, we introduce new product of shipment today ♪



1/700 special series No. 15 IJN aircraft carrier 隼 鷹 (1953)

 coffin during the Mariana Offshore Battle appeared in a special series!

Color-limited machine gun parts are included for the first time limited!
The carrier battles the Pacific War as a force equivalent to a regular carrier, while a commercial carrier remodeled carrier,

I also participated in the A No. operation along with the carrier ship Hida. 

CloverThe product is based on the figure of the Battle of Mariana.

CloverReproduce the flight deck tip shape different from that of the same type of ship.

CloverReproduce different arrangements of the front, stern extension guns and Borato.
CloverWe reproduce the hull which closed the porthole of the last stage of the battle with exclusive parts, and express precisely the outside electric circuit which is on the high angle gun post.
CloverThe elevator can be assembled by selecting the descent and ascent. Accurately reproduce the spindle-shaped deck post.

CloverHoist crane cover, landing marker reproduces the truss-like hollow state. 
CloverThe stern signal light, the machine gun seat and the personnel waiting room are also reproduced. The high angle is reproduced with delicate wood carving floors.
CloverDecal differs from that of 1965, and includes the characters of "Ju" such as wind direction signs and white dotted lines in the center.
CloverThe ship is equipped with a Zero Battle Type 52 augmentation, a Zero War 21 type 250 kg bomb, comets with bombs on both wings, and Tianshan with two 250 kg bombs with different parts.

【First production limited】

CloverIncludes color-coded 25 mm 2-piece machine guns (single and triple). 
CloverThe number which can reproduce the figure equipped on the flight deck is attached. 
CloverIn addition, two bulletproof plates for guns with a triple gun are included in new molds.

The new On-Target Combat Ops 'Desert Storm' decal sheet is almost complete.

Just final RAN Seahawk to add. (Thank you RAN Museum, HMAS Albatross at Nowra). The white stripes will be on a seperate sheet.
Artwork by Jon Freeman and printing will be by Fantasy Printshop. This will come with our normal printed instruction booklet and should be ready by June. The sheet will be followed by the AAC Special.55504347_1499031613564036_6268557227242553344_n