Even the heat and cold to the other side

Recently, the weather is warm,

I don't need a coat soon.

Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom, so it's season

The latest model graphics are

Iron clad 1/350 Ehime

Special feature of!

Finally, thank you.

Ehime who did not understand the difference well with Kaohsiung

Reproduce under the new test,

Among the Takao-type retakes, it cost the most.


However, it is not sweet in the world.

It's a good idea.

The escort ship Asahi is  finally on sale.

The box is huge.


By the way, it is the prohibition of June new product information.

First of all,

Omachikan UK Heavy Cruiser Novoke-or! !

The sister ship of Do-Setsha.

What a new part of most parts! !

It's a luxury sister ship.

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