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1/72 Russian Tu-128UT "cellist" trainer 01688

Figure-128 is a long-range interceptor developed by the Soviet Tupolev Design Bureau, NATO nicknamed "cellist". It is by far the largest interceptor in the world.

      Tu-128 was only given a tactic: the B-52 was discovered, and then all four AA-4 missiles were volleyed 50 km away, and then immediately ran away, never in love. The weapon is four R-4 (AA-5) air-to-air missiles carried by the pylon (usually two R-4R radar guided missiles and two R-4T infrared guided missiles).

      Figure-128 uses a tandem two-seat design with a swept wing and the main landing gear is located in the nacelle under the main wing. Without a magazine, the huge fuselage can carry enough fuel, and the weapons are all fixed on the wing pylon.

Product number     01688
product name     Russian Tu-128UT "cellist" trainer
Bar code     9580208016887
Product ratio     1:72
product type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model size     Length: 439mm Wingspan: 250mm
Total number of parts     130+
Metal parts     n/a
Etched parts     1
Film film     n/a
Resin component     n/a
Total number of offsets     11 sprues
Announcement date     2019-03
More description     The kit consists of over 130 parts , clear parts for canopy
– fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines


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