Hey now…. 48-266 about to wrap up. F-15J Motto Kuma Eagle! + UPDATES FOR 31/03/2019

Hey now…. 48-266 about to wrap up. F-15J Motto Kuma Eagle!



Orders are once again caught up guys. Another big drop-off at the local post office. We very much appreciate your patronage over here!

Some decal availability updates here as well as what the next few releases are looking like!

Currently at the printers. These will be available ~ 4/11/19. Could be a little later depending on when we get these back from the printers.
72-109 – F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles $15.00
48-264 CF-188 60 Years of NORAD Hornet $16.00
48-086 AIM-9/AIM-7 Missile Markings $10.00 (Reprint)
32-070 F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles $25.00

Just sent to printers.
48-266 F-15J Motto Kuma Eagle

In work (all nose art complete)
48-267 F-15E Bold, Nasty Tigers
72-110 F-15E Bold, Nasty Tigers
32-071 F-15E Bold, Nasty Tigers

Once I have these Bold Tigers sheets at the printers, I'll attack the 72nd and 32nd scale RCAF NORAD Hornet sheet.

Lots going on in the next month over here at Twobobs!!

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