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Plex 1/144 "Kotobuki squadron of the wilderness" Togashi Ikeska aircraft specification

  • Model: KHK144-8
  • Manufacturer: Platz / Plex


Product features


To be released in April

Code: 4545782057089 
plastic model kit 

anime "wilderness of Kotobuki Squadron" is an original animation latest golden combination of Michiko supervision and Tsutomu × series configuration and Yokote Mizushima is give! 
A full-fledged battle action unfolded by a beautiful girl team with strong arms is on the air from the month of January 2019! ! 

The fighter that appears in such a remarkable work is reproduced with a plastic model of 1/144 scale! The "Togashi" that appeared in the 10th episode is reproduced realistically. 
Big size of about 32 cm in total length and about 43 cm in total width while 1/144 scale size. 
The markings applied to the aircraft, such as the distinctive marks drawn on the wings and tails, are reproduced in decals. 
TV and Internet distribution are also on the air, and the story enters the environment, and the development of the future attracts more and more attention "Kotobuki squadron of the wilderness"! It is the appearance of the model that I want to check along with the anime! 

Complete size: 320mm 

Manufacturer: Platz 
Co., Ltd. Publisher: Plex 

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