About the June release capsule toy + Honda Super Cub 50 1/12 Release

Capsule toy to be released in June today


"1/64 Sambar & Street Food Collection" All 6 types 300 yen


I will introduceLips

This is how

Kebab shop famous in Akihabara

A stand in collaboration with "Star Kebab ☆ Kebabs" is also in the lineup!Wink


Cars and stalls are sold separately, so thank you.Please


The stalls are tied to their respective shops

There is a seal attachedMelon bread

Because it is made quite finely

I hope you can see it for your handCoppe bread


We offer 100 yen coin from now,

I hope you can wait for JuneBento


Thank you for reading.


Then have a better day.Wedding dress


We will be on the wrong side of the day this week also appeared. 

I think of whether many people know because I have been the exhibition of the prototype at last year's All Japan Hobby Show, bike is affordable and best-selling in the world on 1/12 finished product bike series of Uri " Honda Super Cub 50will be added. 
It is blue and green of the 95 model to commercialize this time. 

It is small compared to the bikes we have released so far, because it is not a big bike from the beginning, but its sophisticated style that has been loved for many years will never get bored to see.

This cub is die-cast on the front fork in addition to the frame, and the feeling of weight is not inferior to other bikes. It is hard to see, but the engine is also firmly reproduced With pedestal for display to decorate ● Green

予 約 Reservation is from here 

● Blue

予 約 Reservation is from here 
https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/aoshima-bk/10566.html In

addition, there is also a yellow color version in Aoshima online shop limitation! 
This is a special color that was released mainly for young people in 2002 and has become a pop color scheme. 
A small carrier for the Little Cub that was only equipped with this color is included as a dedicated part.

It is subtle, but the muffler is also different. 

● Yellow

予 約 Reservation is here 
NoteThis yellow Up arrowcan only be bought here! !



※ The muffler and the platform will be plated 
※ The photograph is a prototype, so there is a point that is different from the actual product 

Each 2,500 yen (excluding tax) will be released in June. 

Well then.

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