Notice of the exhibition ☆ Joshin Super Kids Land Sannomiya 1 Bankan

The new era "Rekazu" was announced!

I expected that the letters "A", "Ku" and "Ei" would be used …Shoborn


By the way, it is the news of the dealer who has you exhibit it todayExclamation mark


Joshin Super Kids Land Sannomiya 1 Bankan

It is an exhibition corner of "Kosaka Kino"Maiden's Tokimeki


It is a very cute display corner decorated with flowersCosmos


The corner is the place right after rising up the escalator.

As we use short fixtures, we can see even childOK


"1 / 12 NEXT Series Honda Super Cub 110" of

Assembling video of test shot by Kino Kosaka ,

We display finished products and partsnote


Please stop by if you live near you.LOL



Videos are also available on YouTubeExclamation mark

I also saw, but very easy to understandLOL




It is "1/12 Honda Super Cub 110",

A large number of orders caused a delay in production, and we have announced a delay in the release date.


We plan to ship in late April.

I am very sorry that I have been expecting you, 

Please wait a moment now.

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