Tomorrow shipment new product-ship NX8 Shinano + Building 11 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple + Ken 11EX-1 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple stage special specification


We will introduce new products shipped tomorrow!


1/700 ship NX8 Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Shinano

The pedestal attached to the ship NEXT Shinano, which does not require painting or adhesive, has been changed to a new one! 

Shinano was redesigned into an aircraft carrier during construction as a Yamato-type battleship No. 3

Completed in November 1959, it was sunk by a submarine's lightning strike on the same month. The Hm

product is designed with a snap fit type that does not require adhesive. 
The main parts are represented by colored plastic parts,

Some toned parts are reproduced with a real seal excellent in surface followabilityNico Nico


  □ The flight deck is a two-piece construction, divided by the concrete deck and outer edge,

    It was also useful when painting expression. 
    The color of the flight deck is a bit bluish dark gray. 
  □ The ship bottom parts reproduce the bulge shape different from Yamato. 
  □ The rudder is a square rudder with the same shape as the conventional Yamato,

   Two types of square type equipped with Oiso etc. are recorded, and it is supposed to correspond to the new theory shape. 
  □ The carrier aircraft is said to have been loaded at that time, "Sakura",

   The test landing ship "Shiden Kai", "Meteoric Kai" and "Saiyun", which were planned for installation, are included. 
  □ The attached seal is the anti-submersible camouflage part of both eyelids,

   The white line on the flight deck is mainly used, and color expression can be performed without painting. 
  □ A white line decal on the flight deck is also included for painted users. 
  □ The antenna antenna support has a movable structure. 
  □ "Horizontal binoculars" "machine gun ammunition box" is recorded as a bonus part. 
  □ The display stand is renewed! During assembly, it can be turned over and used as a part holder.



It seems that today is "my day"!

Four (Shi) Three (Mi) and "Shimizu" (Shimizu) with the word "Ryo"

It is said that "National Kiyomizu Temple Network" was established in 1998.

… Kiyomizudera, there is stockGrinning


Building 11 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple


Ken 11EX-1 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple stage special specification (with the west gate, the bell tower, the tower of Mie)

It is an image model of Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, which is famous for its cliff structure. 

□ Extract the important towers and reproduce the atmosphere. It expresses each feature. 
□ Belfry escapes the great fire of Kanei 6 years in the building of the Qinglong year (1607). 
□ The west gate is the 8 leg gate of Kanei 8 (1631) reconstruction, the main hall, and the triple tower is the reconstruction of Kanei 10 (1633). 

※ This product is a kit that requires assembly and painting. 
※ Adhesives and tools are required separately for assembly and painting.

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