[April 25 our dispatch] We introduce the whole product of 99 type self-propelled 155mm howitzer!

Today was finally on the 25th of April

We introduce 99 type self-propelled 155mm howitzer!

Mr. Takeshi Kurokawa also drew the package this timeGlitter

It is an illustration that a long gun barrel shines well.

About decals

Do! If, Dodon! And full affiliation notation, the vehicle number

We have recorded!


As it is one set, choose favorite thing and easily

Reproduction is possible!






Following 87AV and LAV

It is like "Planning cooperation: Monthly Armor Modeling" .

Instructions for the painting of the details

One point advice or

It is a photo document and the contents of enhancement.



Also this commentary!

It's a particularly responsive and responsive volume !

It's a whole page without a page!





Before making, when making, even after making

It is an enjoyable kitGoodGlitter



By all means, would you like to accompany GW?heartHedgehog



Then again it was May next time (▽ ")


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