The 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show” aoshima New Product Information Released on Thursday, May 9-20, 2019!

At the Aoshima booth, we will announce new products featured one after another this time! We have various products, from plastic models to finished products, and look forward to your visit. Please stop by at the Aoshima booth!

● Venue: Twin Messe Shizuoka ● Organizer: Shizuoka model teaching materials cooperative ● Official website:

※ A part of the image is a real car. It may be different from the actual product. Also, product specifications may change without notice. please note that.

1/24 Toyota NTP10 JPN Taxi ’17
Super White II / Black

The latest taxi is on display!

The latest taxi “NTP10 JPN taxi” which introduction is advancing one after another from 2017 comes up with a completely new mold! We reproduce high-grade “takumi” with catalog model. We have prepared two types of molding color and wheel differences. The slide door can also be selected to open and close the scene. In consideration of easy and efficient part division, it is also recommended for beginners.

Super White II

  • Complete New JPN Taxi (Super White II) Set
  • Front and rear lights
  • Original wheel
  • Taxi parts included
  • Use of a new 15-inch taxi tire


  • Full New JPN Taxi (Black) Complete Set
  • Front and rear lights
  • Genuine OP aluminum wheel
  • Taxi parts included
  • Use of a new 15-inch taxi tire


Toyota C-HR
White Pearl Crystal Shine / Black Mica

Series first popular SUV!

The SUV sales No. 1 C-HR appeared in a snap kit in 2018. A handy model with 25 points of parts.

No painting required

  • By painting the body color with the color of the plastic material, painting is unnecessary. The body of Tsuyatsuya is also a highlight

No adhesive required

  • Adhesive is not required by adopting the inset type

Reasonable price

  • Affordable price achieved by simplifying the kit and making it 1/32 scale


Flying machine I & II

Fan long-awaited flight mechanism, flying machine appeared! !

It is the commercialization of the future machines, Flying Machines I and II, which appear in the play. Comes with figures of Conan, Rana and Dr. Lao. Let’s reproduce the scene in the play! !

    • Flying Machine I is 1/32 scale

-Cockpit reproduction 
-You can open the gate 
-Conan, Rana, with figures of Dr. Lao

    • 1/14 scale of the flying machine II

-Reproduction of the hangar- 
Opening and closing the door

  • With display stand


Ground Self-Defense Forces 16 type mobile battle vehicle

Great transformation since the creation of the GSDF! 16 MCV appeared to play a role in “instant machine ream” !!

  • Following the prototype, we commercialize the mass-produced 16 type mobile combat vehicle with a completely new mold
  • It is equipped with a steering gear tilt gimmick that has been well received in the prototype. By further providing a switch, steering gimmick without vehicle body tilt is also reproduced
  • Includes several patterns of markings, as well as the “15th Rapid Response Regiment” that frequently performs public road movement training
  • First production of parts that reproduces when traveling on public roads, such as windshields and mirrors of each part
  • Two figures of crew members are included
  • As a bonus, two reconnaissance motorcycles are 
    also included. Figures of the same size are also included, and it is possible to reproduce the “start-up attitude” seen in exercises in addition to running and standby times.
  • At the same time, the “land self-defense force general-purpose detail up parts set” contains decals and etching


1/24 Mitsubishi Stallion Gr. A ’87 JTC Specification

Mitsubishi’s trump card returned to the circuit

Stallion that participated in the highest peak division 1 class of the Group A race kit

  • Reproduce the stallion with a new mold
  • All Japan Touring Car Championships participating in 1987 with two consecutive wins
  • The interior of the car also reproduces competition car exclusive parts such as roll cages and bucket seats
  • Decal is silk printing

※ Detail up parts will be released at the same time as the main unit .


1/24 Sugo Us Lada GSX Marine mode

series 1/24 Cyber ​​Formula No. 22

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Pei’s scooped up! Formula machine wanders the sea !! Converted to the impressive marine mode !!

The marine mode characterized by a huge float has been reproduced with a new mold. Asurada appeared in Marine mode.

  • Add Marine mode dedicated parts
  • Satoshi Shigeda drawn package illustrations
  • With display stand

※ The image in use is a colored image. Different from the actual product.


1/24 LB ★ Works Charasca 2Dr

Rainy day Charaska !!!!!

Finally, Charaska joins the series!

  • Charaska is … second name of Liberty Walk, nicknamed Toma Toma’s favorite car.
  • New parts …… Shikotankoyaji specially made over fender front and rear, bezelless tail lamp left and right, rear bumper bracket left and right, side tube
  • Supplied parts … Tsurumi square grille specification · Oil cooler · Chinsupo · Pillar duct · Itapane · 14 inches MK-III · pulling LB racing tire · roll bar

Scheduled for release in July 2019


1/24 Toyota GRS214 Crown patrol car For traffic control ’16

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Car model series representing Aoshima

  • New police car grill
  • New stand-up LED display
  • New sub mirror
  • New genuine door visor
  • New decals
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Office specifications reproduction schedule
  • Genuine aluminum wheel
  • Window frame masking seal
  • 18 inch Expedia tire use


1/24 Toyota TCR11W Estima Twin Moon Roof ’90

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Car model series representing Aoshima

  • New genuine front and rear bumper
  • New genuine aluminum wheel
  • New original rear wing
  • Complete new-type sheet set
  • New rear wiper
  • New decals
  • Twin moon roof
  • Window frame masking seal
  • Under use tire examination


1/24 Wataru Akiyama AE86 Levin

Turbo Tune Wasp Locrebin

It is Levin of Akiyama Wataru who engaged in a fierce battle with Takumi in the same Hachiroku in the running-man manga “Initial D”.

  • Reproduce the front bumper and roll bar with a new mold
  • Bucket seat included
  • Window frame masking seal attached

Scheduled for release in July 2019


1/45 Electric locomotive EF66 previous term type

Equipped with PS17! EF66 appeared in the original style without Hisashi!

It is the first half model (primary car) manufactured between 1968 and 69 to be commercialized this time. Special parts such as the PS17 pantograph and the roof without a lot of shades that were requested are included. I am confident in the reproduction of the dolly and pantograph.

  • Total length about 400mm, total height about 120mm (including pantograph)
  • Total number of parts about 1,000 parts
  • Etching, metal seal included
  • Masking seal is attached to the front of the body and for applying H rubber separately
  • PS17 pantograph is attached
  • The attached display stand reversibly reproduces the flat roadbed and the maintenance pit.

Scheduled for release in July 2019


Reproduction information

1/64 Oma single tuna single line fishing boat 31st fishing Fukumaru full hull model

A fishing boat plastic model recommended for all brothers who feel that they are lacking in conventional scale models.

Okuma Port, which is located on the northernmost tip of Honshu and is known nationwide as “Oma’s Tuna”, has been interviewed three times. Yamazaki Kura’s 31st fishing Fukumaru, which is known as a tuna single fisher fisherman, has been reproduced as a 1/64 scale model with great care. Total length about 257 mm. Parts number about 329 points. It is a single fishing boat that Omama boasts.


1/45 Diesel locomotive DD51 Hokutosei

DD51 which pulled “Hokutosei” appeared in the railroad plastic model.
Precise reproduction with large scale 1/45 OJ scale! !

It reproduces all the structure of DD51 and can be enjoyed as a three-dimensional document. The first is the “Hokutosei” tractor. We reproduce blue beautiful DD51 of passenger specifications with full length 40cm. Exclusive license plate and etching included.

-Thorough reproduction inside and behind the engine room and cab. You can see the
inside of the inset as well as open the inset part and movable part even after completion as seen from any angle from 360 degrees-
Horizontal movement of the bogie, up and down of the axle box, etc. of the brake and the connector, etc. Reproduction
・ Able to choose from both a heavy cold terrain with a swing window and SG and a light cargo type specification. Parts of the old model are also included. The
engine is completely reproduced from intake and exhaust to the transmission. The engine can be removed even after completion, and can be mounted on the display stand.-The
headlights, taillights, instrument panels, and time display light are lit with LEDs (sold separately). Battery box included
・ The engineer’s doll comes with summer clothes, two pose differences in winter clothes. Three types of hats, with bag
, the front of the display stand is flat roadbed, the back is reversible in two ways of maintenance pit

※ JR Hokkaido commercialization approval completed
※ The published image is a prototype.

LED units that can be incorporated into DD51 kits will also be released.
Diesel locomotive DD51 LED kit