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1/350 Sailboat Christian Rick

There was an interesting picture when I was investigating.

With U-BOAT and S-BOAT anchored in the Gulf

It was a Christian lad.

Although U-BOAT and S-BOAT also had 1/350 among other companies

At that time, BRONCO was out of business so I decided to make it.

Since I was working on PT-BOAT, I was on the extension line

It is a plan.

S-BOAT seems quite popular abroad.

There are various kits available.

I'm doing a British ship,

It is an item that can not be avoided.

Anyway, I wonder if I do 1/700.


U-BOAT is that of an AFV club.


The product that Imai has left,

What was buried

There are many, but

The sailing boat's “Tabarichich” is one of them.

This ship is originally from the German navy.

I was recruited as a training ship.

The name at that time was "Gorch Hock I"

Possibly, Hitler ・ Yugent trainee

I was on board as.

After the war the Soviet Union pulled up and owned the Soviet Union,

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine owned.

Because maintenance costs such as repair costs are expensive,

I returned to Germany in 2003.


It seems that the Nazi Germany had indeed successfully employed a sailing boat.

The same was true for the same series of eggs.

The German name is called "Horst Wessel".

Others, Zacres (German name "Arbato Leo Schrejita"),

Milcha also has been recruited.

So what about, from the cut of the sailing ship,

How about collecting German navy?

Because it is a submarine mother ship and a training ship,

When you make a harbor diorama, it does not get in the way.

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