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The mighty 1/35th scale Tiger I is an attractive and extremely welcome addition to the 2019 Airfix kit range


Looking forward. This rear-end computer rendered 3D image from the new 1/72nd scale Buccaneer project helps illustrate why this new kit is proving to be such a popular addition to the range

The following selection of images are exclusive to Workbench and being shown for the first time anywhere outside the Airfix development office – this is the on-line way of allowing our readers the opportunity to see what emerged from the Buccaneer test frame box – enjoy.

Workbench readers are the first people outside Airfix to see these test frame component images. This first frame includes all the major parts and illustrates how the new kit will come together as a build project

This shot is a little busier, as it includes many of the smaller components, including cockpit, pilot/navigator figures and external fittings for the Buccaneer

No review of the test frame components would be complete without a look at the clear frame components

In this next series of images, we have attempted to give our readers a more comprehensive view of the Buccaneer parts, by varying the view angle a little. This is courtesy of our photographer David, who is always looking to produce new and interesting photographs for our readers to inspect. The straight down shots are an important aspect of any test frame review, however, David thought that these angled views provided a more realistic perspective for the modeller and resembled something like what the parts might look like when placed on a modellers workbench.

An alternative view of the large component frame, clearly illustrating how the Buccaneer kit has been designed

Nose, airbrake and engine detail is visible in this shot


Golden Hind/HMS Victory

Notice of Reproduction ☆

We will introduce the remanufactured products as they are well receivedLOL



1/24 Gulf Series No. 1 Devil’s Z

It is the first Fairlady S30Z called “Devil’s Z” to appear in the Gulf Midnight.


Front mask with intercooler, front and rear over fenders etc.

Faithfully reproduce the car in the comic.


With RS Watanabe wheel.


The license plate faithful to comics was also reproduced with decals.




Building model series No. 16

1/100 Kakanji Kinkakuji roof brown paint specification

A kit with a total height of 158 mm designed and reproduced based on the architectural drawings at the time of reconstruction in 1955.


The scale is 1/100, and the design is based on the figure of the building at the time of reconstruction after burning,

The doors and doors are movable.




1/24 inch up series No. 114

Daihatsu Midget R Type / D Type

Midget R-type / D-type compatible kit. 
A deck is selectable kit.




1/72 special effects series No. 2

Ultra Guard TDF UH-3 Ultra Hawk No. 3

“Ultra Hawk No. 3” of Ultra Guard, active in “Ultra Seven”,

 The model name is “TDF UH-3”.


It is impressive that the hero who starts from the gate behind the waterfall is

It is a versatile fighter-attack aircraft that is also used to support reconnaissance and Hawk 1.

The magma riser was stored in the plane and transported by air.





It has been cold raining since morning in Shizuoka todayrain

It becomes hot and cold, and physical condition management is difficultLet go


At the turn of the season, please look after your blogNico Nico

New product ☆ Japanese navy sun flame destroyer sun flame

It’s getting warm and it’s spring, I think it’s getting cold againsnowCrystal of snow

The colder ones seem to have a slower rate of falling cherry, so

I can enjoy cherry blossoms longer than usual this year!Cosmos



Well, today is the introduction of new products!


1/350 350-004 ship NEXT series NO. 4 


Japanese Navy Phenolic Destroyer 


Ships April 11, 2019Glitter

Update the specifications The !  !display pedestal is cool and renewedGlitter
The Japan-US Open War is imminent, and in 1949, the outer electric circuit was equipped, and it is based on the figure at the time of the open war that supported the subsequent attack of the broken bamboo. 
It is possible to reproduce the smart figure of the Showa era around 1955 after the opening of the war from before December 1954 before the war training modification at the beginning of the war is given. 

It is designed with a snap fit type that does not require adhesive, and it is a series with a specification that sets it apart from conventional kits. 
You can easily enjoy the realistic result by lowering the ship model hurdles.WinkRunrun





ChickRenewed the display pedestalChick

ChickReview the shape and improve stability with the new design! Low center of gravity, contact area is also increased and stable.

ChickThe molding color is black and consists of all four parts.

ChickThe horizontal plane is a smooth surface specification and a rough sculpture, and if painted in blue, it is a reversible parts specification that can image the waves.





The ship NEXT series is a plastic kit that makes it easier to make a ship model and realizes realistic results!

StarThe parts are color-coded and no painting is required. 
StarWe adopt division method that combination of parts is inconspicuous. 
StarIt is a snap kit that does not require an adhesive. 
StarComes with a seal that reproduces the color coding of the details. 
StarYou can reproduce the offshore model by removing the waterline.




Please try to assemble by all meansLOLnote

First images of Tamiya 57409 Lunch Box Mini SW-01 Chassis

Compact size that does not choose play place!
4WD comical RC with fun wheelie driving!

Four wheels! Wheelie! !
Turn well with big tires! ! !

● Compact design that fits in both hands of
an adult The machine which condensed various mechanisms carefully is
a compact design that fits in the palm of the extended adult .
You can enjoy travelling regardless of the play place.

● Can run even with AA batteries!
Ideal as an RC entry model!
It is the appearance of a new RC car of compact size that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.
Looks equipped with a big tire in a tall body,
comical style to predict a healthy running.
You can easily enjoy the spectacular wheelie driving.
The chassis uses a powerful gear drive 4WD, and
is equipped with a mechanism that allows the vehicle to lean substantially in conjunction with the steering link.
It is a machine that can realize the fun of controlling the machine.
A dedicated battery box is also included to set 4 AA batteries.
If combined with Finespec 2.4G Proposet (with TRE-01), it
is possible to run without a dedicated battery.

● Reproduce the popular “Lunch box” body with polycarbonate!
The body is a square box that reminds you of a lunch box and a
popular lunch box for 1/10 RC cars.
I reproduced the funny style with polycarbonate.
In addition, adoption of magnet type one-touch body mount
makes it easy to attach and detach the body.

● NEW chassis chassis packed with various mechanisms in a compact size
Newly designed chassis for achieving the fun of driving is condensed various mechanisms.
Including a 4WD system that produces easy maneuverability and high runnability,
a steering-linked upper arm that reduces side-turning and looks when cornering, and a 4WS mechanism that can be easily upgraded
simply by installing optional parts. Furthermore, it is the point which can not overlook generality with the layout which can mount a normal size servo and RC mechanism .

● Realize amazing turning performance
Just new sense cornering!
Employs an upper arm that works in conjunction with steering.
Holds the roll of the body at the time of
cornering, and reduces the rollover during cornering that is likely to occur with big tire machines with height.

Total length: 190mm Total width: 146mm Total height: 140mm

April/May 2019 releases — Plastic Injected Kits — 1/144 1/72

AR14703 – 1/144 Sukhoj Su-24M “Fencer” in foreign service: Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, plastic injected kit w/ PE parts

AR72239 – 1/72 M45 Quadmount, US WWII 4x 12.7mm M2HB Turret on M20 trailer, plastic kit w/ PE parts

AR72412 – 1/72 M41A1/A2 Walker Bulldog US post-war Light tank, plastic kit w/ PE parts

AR14804 – 1/144 VZ-20-350 air tanker on ZiL-131 chassis, plastic injected kit w/ resin & PE parts

— Resin Accesories —

AR AW72319 – 1/72 F-100D Super Sabre wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW72412 – 1/72 Fairey “Gannet” early type wheels w/ weighted tires of straight tire pattern
AR AW72413 – 1/72 Fairey “Gannet” late type wheels w/ weighted tires of checkerboard tire pattern

AF35321 1/35 M1 8 inch Howitzer WWII




Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 4820183312358

Series: WW II Military Miniatures

Box size: 386x240x80



Content box


3D renders


Side views