airfix UPDATE FOR TODAY 12/04/2019



The mighty 1/35th scale Tiger I is an attractive and extremely welcome addition to the 2019 Airfix kit range


Looking forward. This rear-end computer rendered 3D image from the new 1/72nd scale Buccaneer project helps illustrate why this new kit is proving to be such a popular addition to the range

The following selection of images are exclusive to Workbench and being shown for the first time anywhere outside the Airfix development office – this is the on-line way of allowing our readers the opportunity to see what emerged from the Buccaneer test frame box – enjoy.

Workbench readers are the first people outside Airfix to see these test frame component images. This first frame includes all the major parts and illustrates how the new kit will come together as a build project

This shot is a little busier, as it includes many of the smaller components, including cockpit, pilot/navigator figures and external fittings for the Buccaneer

No review of the test frame components would be complete without a look at the clear frame components

In this next series of images, we have attempted to give our readers a more comprehensive view of the Buccaneer parts, by varying the view angle a little. This is courtesy of our photographer David, who is always looking to produce new and interesting photographs for our readers to inspect. The straight down shots are an important aspect of any test frame review, however, David thought that these angled views provided a more realistic perspective for the modeller and resembled something like what the parts might look like when placed on a modellers workbench.

An alternative view of the large component frame, clearly illustrating how the Buccaneer kit has been designed

Nose, airbrake and engine detail is visible in this shot


Golden Hind/HMS Victory

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