Notice of Reproduction ☆

We will introduce the remanufactured products as they are well receivedLOL



1/24 Gulf Series No. 1 Devil's Z

It is the first Fairlady S30Z called "Devil's Z" to appear in the Gulf Midnight.


Front mask with intercooler, front and rear over fenders etc.

Faithfully reproduce the car in the comic.


With RS Watanabe wheel.


The license plate faithful to comics was also reproduced with decals.




Building model series No. 16

1/100 Kakanji Kinkakuji roof brown paint specification

A kit with a total height of 158 mm designed and reproduced based on the architectural drawings at the time of reconstruction in 1955.


The scale is 1/100, and the design is based on the figure of the building at the time of reconstruction after burning,

The doors and doors are movable.




1/24 inch up series No. 114

Daihatsu Midget R Type / D Type

Midget R-type / D-type compatible kit. 
A deck is selectable kit.




1/72 special effects series No. 2

Ultra Guard TDF UH-3 Ultra Hawk No. 3

"Ultra Hawk No. 3" of Ultra Guard, active in "Ultra Seven",

 The model name is "TDF UH-3".


It is impressive that the hero who starts from the gate behind the waterfall is

It is a versatile fighter-attack aircraft that is also used to support reconnaissance and Hawk 1.

The magma riser was stored in the plane and transported by air.





It has been cold raining since morning in Shizuoka todayrain

It becomes hot and cold, and physical condition management is difficultLet go


At the turn of the season, please look after your blogNico Nico

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