It is different from the prototype

Hello everyone! 
It is a newcomer B who has been on the board for about 1 month.
Spring is coming, and if you think that cherry blossoms have come, winter will soon return, and 
how are you going to spend these days ? 
Once I realized I had a second year in the life of a member of society … 

Well, finally the information on the annual Shizuoka Hobby Show has been lifted! 
New taxis , SUVs, etc. were announced, but today it will be the round of my products. 

so! ! ! 

Ground Self-Defense Forces It is an introduction of 16 type mobile fighting car "instant reaction maneuver regiment" ! 

特 特 Special page is here 

// Thanks to this product and 
blog who received various opinions from the time of announcement I would like to introduce you to a few points. 
If you like it, please come along!

(※ All the images below are for test shots.) What's different from the

current mobile battle vehicle and the conventional prototype? 
I am hearing from here and there the opinions I said! 
At first glance it is a vehicle of the same style, so it's no surprise that you think so. 

There are both products so let's line it up!

In this way, there are almost no parts of the same shape …

In particular, the front of the turret has been changed to a boat-like design like the 10-style.

Other than that, the addition of the basket and the position of the machine gun are also different.

In a real car, it seems to be a module armor armoring of guerrilla measures etc.

There are places where I will be concerned about the future development of variations.

(Prototype 3 was removed

The back of the chassis has also been reproduced with the new mold .

The same 12.7 mm machine gun that looks the same is newly created around the mount . 
Please compare it by all means because it is a different shape from the already released 10 type tank.



Furthermore, it is around the driver's seat that I touched a little on Twitter yesterday,

When attaching the windshield, you can attach the figure and handle inside!

Here is a half-figure figure, but comes with two parts of the product.

There are two types of head parts with and without goggles!

Please assemble it with your preferred specifications.

Furthermore, the windshield of the driver's seat is molded inside,

The defroster can be seen through when viewed from the outside!

When I color in black on the inner convex mold part,

It is a size that says that the differential can be reproduced inside the glass like a real car.



Lastly, mark the current recording schedule !

Subtitle of products "ready Mobile regiment" There is also a thing,

As a matter of course , 15 instant machines and 42 instant machines launched in 2018

Also includes 10 immediates and 22 immediates launched in March 2019 ♪

(Maybe it may be marking recording at the fastest …?)


Since the image is currently being produced intensively,

We will notify you once the detailed specifications are decided.

(※ There is also a case that correction will be made in the future)



By the way, I looked at it roughly, but how was it! ?

It is this product, but reservation acceptance is going on in each direction now ! !

16 MCV, which is essential for the reproduction of the mini-scene self-made world

How would it be if it were deployed to the immediate response corps of your home?



Next time I would like to dig deeper into this kit ♪

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