Today is the day of a West German air-cooled sedan? 

My stomach ache has started to appear intermittently since last fall, but I'm worried that it has been getting worse recently. The pain is loose, dull and dull. If it continues intermittently, it is Shindoi's. It hurts especially when I'm in the office …
so I went to the hospital the other day, but there are no particular problems with echo and blood tests. Too sweet blood is like as usual Regards not, My persistence of Get thin ASEAN , since the cause is also a fact especially there is also missing not … but the pain affected area is not know, let's firmly inspection put the once camera Glitter to talk Nante It will be possible to put in the first camera of life tomorrow. The food restriction began one day yesterday, and today I can only eat the food for the day before the examination I received at the hospital, and I am already hungry and I am in Shana.
And from this evening it seems to be useless if I don't drink laxatives, and I think I'm afraid that tomorrow's tests for laxatives and horribles Gessori
will be more scary, but the woman doctor sensei of the hospital is really scariest … Koe ~Hm

I wish there were no problems …







By the way, the introduction of new products for sale in April that have been prepared by today


The ☆ model car No. 109
1/24 Honda RB1
Odyssey Absolute '06

At first it is package


Prototype finished product



It is like this.
Odyssey also renewed the content with the introduction of this ☆ model car series.
In terms of content, it is a selective kit that can be assembled by selecting either the early type or the late type, and two bodies and wheels are included. Furthermore, since the front grille is a selection formula of the genuine product and the external product for both the first half and the second half, there are no images because there are no bargain items because four bar is included with the grill alone Thunder
. If you still do not like thank you!




And then, here …


The ☆ model car No. 111
1/24 Nissan UF 31
Leppard Altima

V30 Twin Cam Turbo '90


At first it is package


Mask seal

Prototype finished product


It is like this.
As a topic of this time, I changed the setting to use the original aluminum for the first half type also for the second half type.
It is said that the shape of the genuine aluminum is slightly different between the previous and the second half of the actual car, but the difference is 1 mm or less when dropped to the 1/24 scale. So I would like to keep an eye on it and give priority to changing to a polycap type that is easy to assemble and highly secure. Tires used in this change will be the same size before and after the same size, and the reproducibility is also up.
As for the bonus parts, I used the old full aero slit mask and put a custom grill in the lip and noteafter that , I tried to put the XJ, XS, M30, etc. into the decals as well as the lowdown parts !.
That's why I think that you should be able to securely control the late Leopard.


Such two such introduced this time, we will be shipping late this month. If you have not made a reservation, please go to the nearby plastic model shop.










Well, as I mentioned in the last Friday blog,

Following the announcement of the April 1st issue of the new era, new products here are now under intense order acceptance!  !


1/32 Value Deco Tra Series Vol. 52

New year (large frozen car)

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