NEW FROM T-Model 1/72 M-ATV UPDATE NEW vehicle parts

A new engine with a propulsion shaft that works with gears

protective cover under the engine in the car and a new protective part for the center of the car in the driver’s compartment and some additional protection in the driver’s compartment and some additional protection for the body of the vehicle,
This update is concentrated in the design and protection of the vehicle parts

2 Ships on April 17! New product announcement

We will introduce two new products shipped today.!  !


1 1/700 Special 95EX-1 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Sakai (Showa 17) 

Special specification (with ship bottom, display stand)

StarShip bottom is attached to the figure of the time of the South Pacific opening war that the enemy aircraft carrier was downed and made a big success!

Right handWith the motif of the figure during the South Pacific Ocean war, the figure before the bridge front structure was added was reproduced with a dedicated part100 points


StarThe special series is a general plastic model that uses paint and adhesives, and !
it is made in search of the true figure of the ships of the former Japanese Navy, which everyone knows,

The figure which took in all of the latest information currently grasped was reproducedGlitter

It is a plastic model that can learn history and historical background, and can be enjoyed across generationsOK


2 1/700 Ship NX2 Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi

StarMusashi was born as Yamato-type battleship No. 2 and also served as a combined fleet flagship.!
Right handIt is said that the deck was painted black at the time of the operation, and the product adopted a dark gray molded color, and the ship reproduced the completion color.100 points
Right handA signal yard, a transmission station, a radiation device hood, a rear lookout station Sposon, etc.Magical crown
And the !  !exhibition pedestal was renewedStar
Right handReview the shape and improve stability with the new designOK
Right handThe horizontal plane is a smooth surface specification and a rough sculpture, and if painted in blue, you can image the waveswave
Please make all of you by all meansLOLYellow hearts
It was over!Welcome PegasusDreaming jewelry

Today’s Shipment New Product-1/12 NX1EX-1 Honda Super Cub 110 (Virgin Beige)-

Sorry I made you wait! !

We introduce new products shipped today!


1/12 NX1EX-1 Honda Super Cub 110 (Virgin Beige)

New development on 1/12 scale bike model! The first is the current Honda Cub!

-Each plastic part has been colored in advance to the required color,

     There is no need to paint using paint. 
   -The color coding and pattern of the details can be easily reproduced by pasting a real seal with excellent followability. 
   ・ Assembling does not require adhesive and can be completed only by bonding parts together

     It is a design specification. 
   ・ During design specifications that are easy to complete, modeling is more accurate and repeatable than ever before

     It is three-dimensionalized. 

   -The product has a 110cc motif as the current type that was launched in 2017. 
   ・ Design that steering wheel and tire can work. 
   -Design that made it easy to make cowl and mudguard by integral molding using slide mold. 
   ・ With gimmick such as state selection of the stand and opening and closing of the seat box.


Please make it by all meansChew



Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 4820183312365

Series: Buildings And Accessories

Box size: 260x162x35 mm

Kit contains model of German 200l Fuel Drum Set WW2

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