Today's Shipment New Product-1/12 NX1EX-1 Honda Super Cub 110 (Virgin Beige)-

Sorry I made you wait! !

We introduce new products shipped today!


1/12 NX1EX-1 Honda Super Cub 110 (Virgin Beige)

New development on 1/12 scale bike model! The first is the current Honda Cub!

-Each plastic part has been colored in advance to the required color,

     There is no need to paint using paint. 
   -The color coding and pattern of the details can be easily reproduced by pasting a real seal with excellent followability. 
   ・ Assembling does not require adhesive and can be completed only by bonding parts together

     It is a design specification. 
   ・ During design specifications that are easy to complete, modeling is more accurate and repeatable than ever before

     It is three-dimensionalized. 

   -The product has a 110cc motif as the current type that was launched in 2017. 
   ・ Design that steering wheel and tire can work. 
   -Design that made it easy to make cowl and mudguard by integral molding using slide mold. 
   ・ With gimmick such as state selection of the stand and opening and closing of the seat box.


Please make it by all meansChew

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