New items available as of 01 May 2019

351283 “backdate” for Thunder 7,2inch gun to modify back to a WWI 6inch gun.
352419 Positionable steering for WOT6
352420 Stowage set for Meng CDL
30ton m20 crane is now available with different pattern of wheels (Only direct from RESICAST)
All photos WIP

GS body & Machinery body for WOT6 & Simplex 40HP in preparation.
NEW range of WWI figures in preparation.


Couple of day ago I show you render of our first “What If” projects, you ask about the same on Pz.III/IV chassis,


I told you its ready. Here how it look like in our interpretation. In Pz.III/IV the crew enter/leave the tank from turret hatches. In Kubelblitz there is no such options since turret is isolated from the rest of the hull. I measure the side of the hull and decide that hatch there will re1uire some acrobatic skill to be used and definitely can’t be used for evacuation of injured crew members, plus with AA turret in place there was very limited space for the driver and radioman.. So we decide to use (yes we design it too) slightly modified superstructure from Panzer IV Lang (E). Reduce the slope a little and put a hatches at the sides. Now there is enough place for the crew that enter. Plus there is some space for additional ammo. This must be 1/72 in case someone is curious. And Yes you can still enjoy our Easter discounts, it will cover also the Orthodox Easter which is at the end of this week.

Road to Moson ‘2019 – part 2.

The next new set in our inventory is MASTER AM-32-115 P-47D detail set. As 1/32 scale is very popular among the modellers community – we had no choice, we must add this one for the list of our new sets! Check pictures for more details! 🙂

Road to Moson ‘2019 – part 1.

Yep! Believe or not – our first new set AM-24-016 is for the big fans of the big plane in big scale – P-47D in 1/24! Check the pictures for more info! 🙂

ICM Kits on sale, april 2019

WWI British Tank Crew (4 figures) (100% new molds)

MODEL KIT No 35708
Scale: 1:35


I-153, WWII China Guomindang AF Fighter

MODEL KIT No 32012
Scale: 1:32