Road to Moson ‘2019 – part 5.

After our MASTER GM-35-024 set with beautifully detailed was ready, we asked ourselves – “It will be enough for dioramas aficionados??” ANd this two sets – MASTER GM-35-025 MG-34 / MG-42 empty shells & MASTER GM-35-026 MG-34 / MG-42 cartridges are our answer! Check pictures for more info! 😉

As you can see from our previous post we are working on many WW2 German paper tanks (and “What if” tanks based on them)

and this is one of these projects (my partner request it). Its almost ready, only hull hatches need some details, and after the holidays I will send it for pre-production. Talking about holidays (here they are up to 6.V – St. George’s day) you have few days left to enjoy our Easter discount even. Which is as follow:
– 20 % off our 1/35; 1/48 and 1/100 ranges
– 15% off our 1/72 plastic M24 Chaffee.
– 10% off from the rest.58722615_2553684547994930_1507902492946464768_n

Today’s Shipment-New Product-99 Type Self-propelled 155mm Grenade-Hinata Special Edition


We introduce new products shipped today!


1/72 ML11 Ground Self Defense Force 99 type self-propelled 155 mm howitzer

Field battle special maneuver maneuvering equipment “Long Nose” is 1/72 first three-dimensional! 
Following the 87-type self-propelled bombardment gun, the vehicle is thoroughly researched and commercialized with a completely new mold! 

The 75-type self-propelled 155mm howitzer that was equipped in the field battle field,

It is inferior to the lack of range over time from development and the FH-70 equipped at a later date,

Research and development of this car that should be the successor of 75 self-propelled 15 cars started in 1987. 
The body is based on a 89-type armored combat vehicle with the body length extended,

The style is equipped with a large turret. 
The main gun is equipped with a 52 caliber 155 mm howitzer with a porous muzzle brake,

The range reaches 30 km and can be loaded at any elevation by the automatic loading device.

It is capable of shooting 18 or more shots in 3 minutes. 
In addition, it is connected with 99 type ammunition delivery vehicle as supply bullet from the own vehicle,

It has the feature that it has a system that performs automatic supply immediately. 
The self-propelled artillery that started procuring from 1999 as a domestically produced gun following 15 types of 75 self-propelled vehicles, and was deployed mainly in the northern area and procured and deployed over 130 cars.



1/700 Special 97EX-2 Japanese Navy Battleship Hyuga (No. 5/1 Shown No. 5 turret) special specification (with ship bottom and display stand)

MI operation participation-It appeared in Hinata full hull model to dispatch to Midway Island capture! ! 
The bottom of the ship and a display stand are attached to the selective kit which can reproduce the fifth turret barbed section covered with a steel plate. 

The battleship Hyuga is based on the previous class template,

It was built at Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard as the second ship of the Ise-type battleship that has been redesigned. 
Renovate once in the early Showa era and enter the Pacific War. 
An explosion accident occurred at the 5th turret during shooting exercises at Iyoan in May 1955,

Emergency turrets were landed at first and equipped with four 25 mm 3 guns at four locations.

At the same time, the radar (radio wave probe), which was under development at the time, was test-mounted and demonstrated. 
In the next month, it was dispatched to the Midway Island capture operation without lowering the test-mounted radio search. 
After that, we remodeled it into an air battleship for emergency replenishment of the aircraft carrier force with our fellow carrier Ise,

Dispatched to Operation No. 1 and survived without a single shot.

The last was wrecked by the attack of a US aircraft carrier in the Kashiwa area in July 1955, and it reached its end.


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