Well known, the World War II Allied names for Japanese aircraft were reporting names, often described as codenames,

given by Allied personnel to Imperial Japanese aircraft during the Pacific campaign of World War II. Generally, Western men's names were given to fighter aircraft, women's names to bombers, transports, and reconnaissance aircraft, bird names to gliders, and tree names to trainer aircraft.
Today, we would like introduce 3D renders of our future release in 1/72 scale – light bomber Ki-51 Allied nickname "Sonia".

new from azmodel on 1/72 end of April 2019

Bf 109G-10 Erla



CR-32 "Chirri" Hungarian



Bf 109G-12



CR-32 "Chirri" Export



Maneuver or Mobile?

The world is in the middle of GW! 
Indoors everyone, do you enjoy plastic model life! ? 

As it is my time this time, we continue from last time! ! ! 

It is an introduction of the Ground Self-Defense Forces 16 type mobile fighting vehicle "Quick response maneuver regiment"! 

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current acclaimed book of accepting 16MCV that 16 Formula maneuver combat vehicle , 
the continued kit to last Kodawari point the Let's introduce it! 

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(※ All the images below are test shots) Public roads

continue to last introduced the last article Windshield Let's start with the equipment . The mirror stay and the handleare reproduced by molding in a sharp manner. I was confused with etching, but I made plastic parts here so that I could be assembled stably . Although the steering wheel canreproduce the state installed in the windshield like a real vehicle ,

There are no other windshields and drivers can be exposed!
(It is a state that can be seen in the movement between the practice areas.) 

The highlight of this product is a roll gimmick that has evolved more than a prototype! 

This time there is a switch on the back of the turret, but if you turn off the steer in the state of ON …

It will be in the state where centrifugal force was applied to the vehicle body as well as the last time . 

On the contrary, if you turn this off …?

You can reproduce the state that the centrifugal force is not working on the car body ! 
I think that diorama making will make great progress together with the palm size! ? 

Next is chira show in parts unit ! 

Aoshima's 1/72 Military Model Kit Series sells 
delicate details that wo n't damage the scale image !



It's as easy as it sounds! (?)

It is still in the early test shot stage and there are some corrections, but there are lots of attractions such 
as car exterior fixtures, delicate grills and guns ! A spiral muzzle brake is beautifully carved, and it has 2 bottles with a real gun cover. Now we have a quick look at how it was! ? At first glance it looks like a wind that doesn't shine in place, but it is 16 MCV, but we are definitely powered up from the prototype ! This is a product, but is currently accepting reservations in various areas ! ! How do you make the diorama of the practice scenery together with the already released 10 type tank and 73 type large truck etc ? By the way, next time I'm getting popular, I would like to focus on [Occasion] ♪ So let's meet again on the next blog!


Greetings to all, The following items on 1/35 are now available via the the ESHOP:

351283 6inch gun back date set for Thunder 7,2inch gun
352418 Wheels for ICM WOT6
352419 Positionable steering for ICM WOT6
352420 Stowage for Grant Takom CDL
352421 Scammell half tracks (or for other 6 wheelers)
352422 Tractor Wheels (narrow) for Roden 8inch gun (or others)
352423 Wheels with chains for Tamiya GMC
351281 A&B M20 30ton crane with different pattern wheels (only available direct from RESICAST)