version of the Maritime Self-Defense Force "Kongo Type" on 1/700 scale.


[During design and development] We are currently designing with the aim of establishing a definitive

The product is a division that is easy to apply to the deck color and the outer color. Bonding is necessary, but it is designing trial and error to make it easy to do. Of course ★ shape research is firmly waiting for the difference between sister ships and separate parts turnout

1/72 Ground Self-Defense Force of Fujimi model-current as of 2019. 05 ■ 10TK prototype vehicle _ 10TK mass production vehicle _ 81 short SAM _3 81 half SAM (current) _ 87 AW _ LAV (international active type) _ LAV (cars with model corps / machine gun mounted vehicles) _ 99 HSP ■ From now on _ 89 FV _ LAV (Air Self-Defense Forces) _ LAV (reconnaissance type) _ high mobile vehicle 重 heavy pulling trailer _ 120 mm RT _ FH 70 つ Continue


[I will show a little content] 1/72 Ground Self Defense Force _ light armored mobile vehicle (corps captain / machine gun mounted vehicle) LAV with a variety of forms equipped This product is equipped with a choice of 5.56 MINIMI anti-ballistic / non-ballistic glass top With or without a rack Add an additional antenna at the center of the right part Select a rich decal etc. and finish it in a style that can be seen well