Just in case if you are wondering where we plan to use our 1/72 Urdan commander cupola

Here one of the projects (in progress). Its for our “What If” sub range. The story is as follow : IDF purchase AMX-13 from France, but “What If” Foch was in serial production, then they purchase it too. And after some year it was modernized almost the same way as Centurion was. In our model we change the original gun to American 120 mm used on M103 …well its British version because I like it. Then engine to air-cooled diesel. Commander rangefinder we change to Urdan cupola, for gunners MG cupola I’m thinking for something like low commander cupola from Sherman. The biggest “problem” so far is how to arrange the air filters for the diesel. On Centurion and Patton, they are on the fenders, but here the configuration of the hull is different so I’m thinking to place them on the space previously occupied by the ventilators, and turn then to 90 degree (because there is no space to leave them horizontal). The sideс of Foch are only 40 mm, but still I prefer to leave them intact, plus if additional plate is placed on the sides of the engine it will provide pretty good protection against HEAT.
P.S.a not related note- yesterday I read some complains how bad I’m …from a person that place an order and 3 days after that without any attempt to contact us (e-mail, messenger, Facebook, telephone, skype, viber) open a case in PayPal. I refund it immediately and block his account. So he go crying in some forums “why?”. May be I’m wrong (but I’m not) but PayPal is not a substitute to e-mail, its payment system, and opening a case there is not the way to ask what happened with your order.