As mentioned the Canadians required their Wasp MkII to be fitted with a single tank that was located along the back shelf of the carriers. This flame thrower was known as the Wasp MkIIc, where the “c”represents Canada. This arrangement allowed space for one or two more crew personnel in the right hand rear compartment behind the driver, as well as stowage on top of the pipework etc. in the opposite compartment behind the projector operator. The early MkIIc were fitted to stand Universal Carriers MKI* and MKII* whilst the later ones used a specially armoured MkII* that was fitted with smoke discharges on the front. This arrangement was also seen on the Wasp MKII


fujimi full update 20/05/2019-25/05/2019

☆ Information for Reproduction ☆

It is news of product which we re-produced because of popularity!Sunny


1/700 ship NX1 Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato

The motif is the final time (in 1955) when the anti-aircraft gun was added more than the Battle of Leyte. 
You can reduce the 25 mm single machine gun significantly and reproduce the appearance of adding a large number of 25 mm triple machine gunsboatGlitter


It is designed with a snap fit type that does not require adhesive, and it is a series with a specification that sets it apart from conventional kits. 
You can easily enjoy the realistic result by lowering the ship model hurdles.Shinenote


The Ship NEXT series is a plastic kit that makes it easier to create a ship model, yet realizes realistic results.
◆ By molding that each part color-coded, painting unnecessary 
◆ We adopt division method that combination of parts is inconspicuous. 
◆ Snap kit which does not need adhesive ◆ The 
seal which reproduces the coloring of the small part is attached. 
◆ We can reproduce model on the sea if we remove under the water line.




Please Exclamation markmake it by all means


Half track illustration, decal under development!

Today is the show for half truck package illustrations.

It will be written by Mr. Takeshi Kurokawa again this time.


It seems to be a product of the package that the impression is quite different even in the half trackRunrun





First release!?

And we introduce decals under developmentGoodGlitter


Please note that the actual product will be further modified.



At first we introduce decals for unitKoala

From what number sets became set

We collect to rose We can enjoy from easy school to obsessive school.


Troops for extra decals greatness Beagle tailIt's from beagleIt's from beagleIt's from beagleIt's from beagleBeagle headhas been enhanced rather.

Not only disaster dispatch specifications but also markings for maneuver training and memorial events!



The product comes with two sets of this decals.





If you know the recent Fujimi attention decals

It may have already been guessed, but we have also reproduced Tepra in the car this time.

(That red one may be next to Tokyo-◯-kun- Beagle tailIt's from beagleBeagle head)

The brake lamp is the first attempt this time

I’m leaving the red part of the storefront stateLOL


If black is painted below, it will be off, and if red is painted below, it will be in the state of store and freedom.

It is police officer decal following.

We have also recorded a lot of notations that were also set.


As a bonus, also decals of siren amplifierShine


The police officer comes with 2 cars and 2 sheets of this decal.






Release is July! !

Development is in progress.

We will notify you of new product information at any time ~



See you next time!


【If you are not good at insects, please be careful!



We have received a test shot of the large mantis, so let me introduce it!


Parts are here!

Products will be green- colored plastic parts! 



Then start assembling!

I’m pretty anxious about what I can do for bugsLet go



At first from the head!

Up here ↓ ↓

The feeling of being a compound eye is real …

It feels like this with antennae.

It already only looks like a mantis …


Next is the chest and abdomen.

Well, inside is also real …

I will connect with the head

I will put a feather in this hole


Then assemble the legs!

The projections are reproduced realistically.

It hurts a little when I touch it (laughs)


The legs can be bent!

There are two types of angles in the middle leg

My stomach is…

I am sick and too real to lose my words …




Completed! !

The legs and head are movable, so various poses are possible!


The whistle is a replaceable, and a transparent whistle can be used to reproduce the threat pose.


Sher! !


The painted finished product looks like this!

It’s even more realistic!

Okuma Mankiri will be released in August 2019!

looking forward to! !




I’m not good at insects


New Product Information for June

It was hard to go to work with great rain and wind when commuting this morning,

In the afternoon it stopped raining and the weather was pleasant.


By the way, today I would like to introduce a few new products to be released in June.


1/700 Special Series No. 91 EX-2

Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Agano Type

Etching parts (w / 2 piece 25 mm machine gun) is

※ The image will be under production.


We plan to release the series in the future,

It has become a product that collected upgraded parts.


Want to Glitterupgrade your favorite ship with this product Glitter?


Contents of the recording

Down arrowDedicated etching parts

Handrail, rattle, loop antenna, crane, boat david, catapult

Includes flight decks and bow flags.


1/700 special series

・ No. 91 Agano / Noshiro

・ No. 92 Yagin 1944 / Sake

・ No. 93 arrow 1945

Corresponds to



Down arroww / 2 piece 25 mm machine gun 97 type 25 mm machine gun

Here is a two-piece configuration, painted color reproduction of gunmetal of the barrel and the base, and reproduction is

It is easy to do.

It also comes with two bulletproof plates and a part of the ammunition box for the triple gun.



This item is shipped on June 17.

The upgrade series will continue, so

Please wait for the follow upnote


New Product Information for June

I ran for a long time on Sunday. Today my feet don’t go up …


Well, today is the new product scheduled to be shipped on June 26,

1/72 C series No. 15 Aichi water reconnaissance aircraft This is an introduction of the cloud .


Currently, we are working hard on packages, instruction, etc. for shipping!

This time, the finished product of Suiyun is finished, so it is an introduction! !GlitterGlitterGlitter

When I saw it for the first time, a voice came out instinctively 

And, it’s very cool …Dere DereGlitter


The dive brake can select the open / close state.

In addition, the type with a slit after refurbishing is also partized.

Dolly parts are included, and you can enjoy more realistically even during the exhibition!


1/72 C series No. 15 Aichi water reconnaissance aircraft 瑞

It will be shipped on June 26 ! I would like to introduce a variety of follow ups in the futureNico Nico


New Product Information for June

We send production document this time!

Please use it as a reference when making the “1/72 87 high-emission gun” currently on sale from the Fujimi model!

◆ 1/72 military series No. 9 Ground Self Defense Force 87 type self-propelled high-emission engine gun

◆ October 2018 release

◆ Procurement price per unit 1,400 yen (excluding tax)




 [The color of the gun barrel] 

The barrel end of the 87AW is black. 
Gun meta specified in the instrument.

The barrel is clear and two-color camouflage. The 

boundary is the difference between the end of the muzzle brake and the barrel of the 

【Interior color of rear basket】

 It is well-painted with camouflage color. 
Both the mesh and the back of the car. 
The maintenance members of the High Priest Command, the work is polite!

As a model, the paint film peels off and the rust prevention paint which gives a face off is anxious … 
quite red!

【Color of radar】

The tracking / searching radar surface is always green.

Even if the column is brown, only the radar surface is green.

This is also true for the 2018 96-5442 (car No. 22). 
By the way, at this time, only the barrel is equipped with the one of 96-5175 (08) (; ‘∀’)

When you want to make an irregular individual, it is for reference!




As mentioned above, it was the production data from the Fujimi model!


 If you are making 87AW, if you are going to make it, please refer to it! 


New Product Information for June


We will announce new products shipped todayMagical crown


Ship NEXT16EX-1 

Japanese Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Keiichi No. 1 


Special specification (with genuine etching parts)


Comes with precision etching parts not sold separatelyGood


Right handIt can not be expressed by injection

   Reproduction of delicate ships with etching parts Etching parts for !  !
Right hand2 minutes are included !
Right handNippon Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Keiichi No. 1 operation support 2 ships set!


StarDetail up point Star
handrail that has been represented , No. 13 ID, No. 21 ID, skid beam, detonation loading, armor, davits, rattal, flagpoles, single armor guns, torpedo screws, shields, anti-air sights, chimney circumference Includes details and more100 points



Please take a look at everyone’s hands ~LOL

It was over!Glitter


New Product Information for June


I had a sore throat and got a wrinkled voice.

There is no proof that I am worried about my throat to do anything.

Health is importantGhejogehoGhejogeho


Today is the introduction of a new product that was shipped today!

G-grade joins the popular car NEXT series Hustler !

We added steel wheel / visor / monocular camera which is the feature of G grade with new mold! 
Color is two colors development!

Phoenix Red Pearl

Active yellow

□ The product reproduces a standard figure with a two-wheel drive G grade motif. 
□ “Steel wheel / visor / monocular camera (indoor front part)” as G grade exclusive parts

 Add new parts. 
□ The body color adopts a new molding color set for exclusive use,

 A glossy texture is expressed even without painting. 
□ Completed size Total length 144mm Total width 74mm Total height 75mm 

 (Full width includes side mirror, total height includes antenna) 
□ Sheet piping of white setting, seal that reproduces the instrument panel is attached. 

I’m going to have a smooth and smooth color!

As a citizen of Shizuoka prefecture, it is nice to have redLOLHeartbreakHeartbreak


1/24 Car NX11 Suzuki Hustler (G / Phoenix Red Pearl)

[4968728066196] 1/24 Car NX12 Suzuki Hustler (G / Active Yellow)

Recommended retail price: 4,300 yen (excluding tax)


As it is shipped today, I think that it will begin to line up in the store from the weekend.

Please check it by all means