1/350 Sailboat Tavaricz

Scheduled for release in June 2019

Your name is … Golch Hock I! !

Manufactured in 1933 during the German Empire. Used as a training boat before the war. It was anchored at Stralsund port during the war and resumed in 1944. In 1945 he was sunk in Rügen’s shallows to escape the ongoing Soviet capture. It was raised in 1947 by Soviet order and repaired in 1948-50. Started using the Soviet Navy as a training ship from 1951. Participated in races and round the world voyage until the 1970s. After the Soviet collapse, it will be owned by Ukraine until 1993. Then, I try repair etc., but give up for cost. Returned to Germany in 2003.

※ The image is a prototype.