New products shipped today! FJ Cruiser Smokey Blue and Beige!

Today is the introduction of new products shipped today!

It is introduction of two togetherDragonDragon


1/24 car NEXT series No 9 EX-2

Toyota FJ Cruiser (Smoky Blue)

4,500 yen


1/24 car NEXT series No 9 EX-3

Toyota FJ Cruiser (Beige)

4,500 yen


Blue and beige of a dedicated molding color that does not require painting! Commercialized with special specifications for spot production!

The product is based on a specification car sold for the Japanese market in 2010. 

The wheels are equipped with the manufacturer’s optional 17×7 1 / 2J aluminum wheels.


Here is a common sealGlitterGlitter

Each part is colored, and the body is molded in glossy blue / beige, the roof is white, the interior is black, and the lights are clear. 

The color package specification car is equipped with a manufacturer option! 

The chassis surface integrates parts as much as possible while pursuing easiness of making while reproducing the rudder frame structure accurately.


Here is each package imageNico Nico

FJ Cruiser, you can often see in the city. My friend is riding on beigeExclamation mark

It’s cool and cool when you look at it (and it’s big!)


We have already released Black, White and Yellow from our companyLOLGlitter

Please select your favorite color and assemble it!