News of popular product ⭐︎ reproduction

Popular items that were out of stock

As we produce one after another, we introduce.




The notable godzilla of which the movie is released today!

Deformed cute Fujimi Godzilla is by all means ~note

[4968728170336] Chibi Godzilla 1 Godzilla




King Gidora also was out of stock for a long timelove

[4968728170480] Chibi Godzilla 4 King Gidora





It is a super cub released also in the NEXT series

We are sold out before and are out of stock

We continue the BIKE series Super Cub 1958 first model! !

I reproduced this yesterday.

[4968728141244] 1/12 BIKE1 Honda Super Cub C100 1958




And we have received a large number of re-production reservations

We also reproduced beetles in the free research seriesGlitterGlitterGlitter

Due to favorable reception, most of this reproduction is for reservation

Because it is full and only a few are left

When you find it, please get it firmly!

Please order your dealer earlyLaugh crying

[4968728170725] Freedom research 21 Ikimono hen beetle




Popular items introduced this time

As there are already a few stocks in stock

Please be carefulNote

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