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Today is the introduction of new products shipped today!  !


The latest works appear in a series to easily gather and enjoy the “SDFs of the Maritime Self-Defense Force” protecting the territorial waters of Japan, which is surrounded by the sea on all sides!

1/3000 warship series No. 32

“The Maritime Self-Defense Force third escort group”

The 2nd of the 1/3000 scale Maritime Self Defense Force.

Maizuru’s 3rd escort squadron group says “Escort ship Hyuga” “Atago” “Myokou”

Commercialized by a combination of ships engaged in the protection of the Sea of ​​Japan!

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces escorts are

Self-defense fleet ・ It is a fleet of eight escort vessels under the supervision of an escort fleet.

We assume four arrangement of Yokosuka, Sasebo, Maizuru, salmon,

The escort group consists of 2 units of 4 escort units. 
The third escort group is placed in Maizuru,

It is a unit with a large number of warships that are often talked about in deployment in the Sea of ​​Japan, which is the area in charge.
Haruna, who used to act as a seaguard for suspicious ships, was retired and

At the same time, the “Myoko” was dispatched as well, and it has been deployed as the main force of the 3rd division group along with the Aegis ship “Atago”, which has been further enhanced. 
The third group consists of two teams, the third escort and the seventh escort, the former being Maizuru,

In the latter case, Oiso is designated as the port. □ The product consists of eight vessels belonging to the 3rd convoy group along the formation ships of 2017. □ Includes 7 classes of Hyu-ga-type, Atago-type, Kongo-type, Akizuki-type, Takanami-type 2 bowls, Murasame-type and Asagiri-type. □ Two sea surface plates (dark blue molded color) are included as a display area.

□ The molding color is a new color developed exclusively for marine vessels, and has a color that mimics the “dark gray N4” of the open-air deck.

□ The included decal includes markings on the water line, such as the ship number and the new arrival sign. 
“DDG175 Ayokko” is a service recording of a unique type in which some lines of new arrival markers differ from sister ships.


It is a mini scale, but it can be painted up to here, and decals can be applied! !

As it is small, it is recommended series without taking storage place!

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