1/350 Christian radix & S boat & U boat

Appeared in a completely new mold mold killer boat single shot killing! !

Along with U-BOAT of the German navy, it is the appearance of S-BOAT that has afflicted Allied forces. This time, it was released along with the sailing ship Christian Ric and the submarine U-BOAT, which had been active as a submarine carrier. The photo anchored at the port is famous.

  • S-BOAT with a completely new mold
  • AFV Club U-BOAT CVII-B included (GSI treated with Creos)
  • It is bundled with Christian lad

Scheduled for release in June 2019

※ The image is a prototype.

1/700 Limited Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser Norfolk Battle against the North Sea

Farewell! ! Scharnhorst! Scatter in the North Sea! !

For the German navy, “The Battle of the North Sea” that changed the station with the “Bismarck chase”. A heavy strike Norfolk strike hit the battleship Scharnhorst. Heavy cruiser Dorset Shah’s sister ship appeared in a completely new mold.

  • Norfolk by completely new mold
  • Late 1943 specifications

【Class: cruiser】
【Country: Overseas vessels】

Scheduled for release in June 2019

※ The image is a prototype.

She was a partner in the hunt for the strongest ship in the world 76 years ago and took part in a particularly difficult battle, but despite everything she survived and won big ships stronger than her because of great courage and resourcefulness and thus changed the history

***Highly recommended kit***

So someone (me) make a big mistake working with document. As result wrong submarine was ordered for production (and produced) and in huge amount.

In order the clean the mess and free some space for a week we will offer that submarine with 20% discount. And it is our:
1/700 Soviet submarine project 667 AT Grusha (NATO name Yankee Notch)
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