July New Product Information!

I’ve entered in June, but I’m concerned when looking at the weather forecast,

It is more temperature than precipitation probability.

Take proper moisture and be careful about your physical condition management.


By the way, today I would like to introduce new products released next month.

Ship display pedestal (black version)

We will release this product as a single item.


The scale size corresponds to 1/700 and 1/350.

Depending on the shape of the ship bottom, the receiving shape can be selected either straight or curved!


So it will be stable even if you put a special series on the ocean.

The pedestal can also be used as a parts holder when turned over

It also helps during assembly!


Since the heaven side is reversible,

You can choose the smoothness and wave pattern you like.



Our shipping date is scheduled for July 9th.

It is a perfect product for those who want to decorate the assembled model with good looks.

As we are making sharp package just now,

We hope that you can wait for the follow-up.

Let’s make a white LAV!


 Suddenly … but do you know! ?


Included with “light armored vehicles” in the sale bonus decals using the

I can do “South Sudan dispatch specification” ♪

The camouflage of Kasuga base and the single color of the space itself are good, 

It is cool if it is reproduced in a model with this Kore that turned into a white color from the camouflage of the GSDF.Good


Please try it for everyone note


Succeeding on 1/72 scale, high detail shape comparable to 1/35.

It’s easy because it is 1/72 and it is Fujimi’s land self!



The “South Sudan dispatch specification” is based on a light armored mobile vehicle (National Confederation ).

All decals use the ones supplied with the kit.


Right handCut out the plastic board only the base of the back UN …

Right handHatch inner surface OD color (Creos C518)

Right handThe inner wall of the protective plate is dark green 3414 (Kreos C 516)

Based on the public relations photograph of the self-government homepage

No additional antenna mast, manufactured with the same specifications as the machine gun shield only!





Products based on the product / products that use decals are here ↓ ↓

◆ 1/72 Military Series No. 17 Ground Self Defense Force light armored mobile vehicle (National Confederation)

◆ March 2019 release

◆ Procurement price per vehicle 1,250 yen (excluding tax)

◆ Manufacturer is in stock (as of June 4, 2019)




1/72 ML18 Ground Self-Defense Force light armored mobile vehicle (Squadron model car / machine gun equipped car) and

Both are on saleLove love

Please refer to the LAV Family production!

New product shipped today ☆ Shimakaze

Today is the new product shipped today …


1939 fiscal plan by only one ship building has been fast – JukaminariSo large destroyer, island-style isExclamation mark


1/350 ship NEXT series No. 1

 The Japanese Navy Destroyer Shimakaze final time / 1969

Private parts is included to reproduce accurately the 1944 final at the time of the island-style
Chick private parts there is a probe No. 13 power of the rear mast
Chicksearchlights stand beside, only parts of the order to the appearance of the post-machine gun adding
Chicka depth charge equipment at the time of the final Dedicated back deck to reproduce
Attached bonus parts to be upgraded further Attached
Chick “single machine gun” and “bulletproof board” etc. were not available at the time of completion


Comes with a real seal Includes a
Chick real seal 
Chickwarship flag, waterproof canvas, etc.


Renewal of the exhibition pedestal! To

Stability is improved by new design of receiving shape! The pedestal also has a lower center of gravity, and the contact area is also increased and stabilized.Glitter





Shimakaze is one of the only Japanese high-speed ships with lightning strike capability among the Japanese destroyers,

It seems that twice as many torpedoes will be shot at a time compared to conventional destroyersSurprised


It is a cool island style that has both speed and attack power.Exclamation markEye


Please try making everyone by all meansGrinningGlitter

It is re-production


We will introduce the remanufactured products!


Jen 7 1/100 Kofuku-ji Temple Five-storied pagoda

It is considered a national treasure, and it is the second highest wooden tower after the Toji five-storied pagoda.

The model is also a large model with a height of 46.4 cm.Surprised



Chibi Godzilla 3 Chibi Mar Type 3 Machine Dragon

“3 types of machine dragons” to appear in the movie “Godzilla series”.

Reproduce a cool form reminiscent of Western armor.

In addition, the cuteness of the unique shape of the Chibimaru series is also attractive.

We reproduce coloring by color coding and real seal by multicolor molding.

Glue-free snap kit.Dinosaur



1/48 JB1 Mitsubishi Zero-class fighter plane 21 type

Zero-class fighters are active as Japan’s main fighters during World War II,

It was operated until the end of the war.

Zero war is also used for special attacks and mainland airspace at the end of the war,

It is also known as designed by Jiro Horikoshi.Nico Nico



Jen 15 1/300 Nagoya Castle

Color powder, with trees for scene.Chew

As a paint reference (four seasons of Nagoya Castle) is included in the kit. Total height 200mm



Please make it by all means at this opportunityTehepero

Bug Bug Bug! ! ! (This is a plastic model)

Hello mode.

Suddenly, it is up of mantis! ! !

Powerful score! !

This is a plastic model.


The test shot of the mantis has arrived ~!

Almost the same molding color as the product.

(Wow face ..)

Mainly bright green, brown,

Feather is clear green, clear brown is attached.


If you are serious about painting, it will be no worse than real if you can paint it! !

Fight against 1/72 military vehicles.

Fight against beetles and stag beetles of the same series.

How to play is free!

15 to 30 minutes will assemble!  !


It is also possible to paint and play like this.

My own insects are amazing,

Was not.

You can enjoy insectsupup

This is also Plamo.

 The Mantis is on sale in August! Look forward to the follow-upStarStar


Next to the mantis is the crayfishsunglassesPun Pun