GSDF 1 / 2t truck ~: Twitter information curiosity!

Of 1 / 2t truck which did not release in July

We will deliver the information released on Twitter useful for assembly together! !



【Technique and Design】


The 1/72 Ground Self Defense Force 1 / 2t truck Holo, which will be released in July 2019, is a transparent part.

In this way, the masking sol is dispensed from the small plate with a toothpick

It is designed to be able to mask it to pour into the edge. 

We recommend Masking Sol Kai released from Creos 

It is preparation information for work

Video from here


Dashboard, this shape to this size.

I’m doing too much.

It will be real just by putting on the mirror (∀ ∀))

By the way, it is a retrofit ETC.

Anyway, I am faithful to the real thing.


Front and door glass only Masking with masking tape is easy to make (▽ “)

 To be able to cope with both Zol and Tape

A template for cutting out the tape has been printed on the manual, so please use it. 

I will do my best for the moment of peeling off

Video from here


By the way, 3-color set for OD colored units

 Two-car set for white police

 The procurement price per car is less than 1000 yen! ! (`_ ゞ) ゞ

Monthly Armor Modeling editorial department Toshiaki Namie

 Fujimi model Ground Self-Defense Force product department teamed up with tags and deliver with dark ~ ~ ~ contents (`· ω · ‘) ゞ 

The instruction manual commentary for the unit and the police officer released simultaneously will be different, so please see both

[New information on 1/72 series! ! ! JGSDF members]

 1/72-Ground Self-Defense Forces in development with detailed modeling

The Fujimi model is in the process of commercializing the vehicle with an extraordinary detail approaching 1/35 scale.

 If so, you will need a figure of the same quality!

 Under development of the first installment I’ve been waiting for you If you have the same quality, it will be the Fujimi Model’s Landselves Series (`, ω, ‘)

Salute the curator! M2 shooting at the training display!

 Company captain salute with 1/2 track!

Fire 01 from the LAV hatch!

 Please come with the 87AW, 99HSP, LAV and 1 / 2t tracks!